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30 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Little DIY-er

Are you in a rut trying to figure out a cute Valentine’s Day card for your little one to DIY? Well, we’ve got 30 perfect solutions for you! We scoured the web for the cutest handmade cards for your kid to hand out this Valentine’s Day. Happy making!

1. Donut You Know Bags ($25): These bags are adorable! Don’t let Etsy scare you, try DIYing this for yourself. Purchase solid colored bags at the craft store and stamp on the phrase. You’re little one can draw the donut and decorate with sparkles or sprinkles.

2. I Mustache you to be my Valentine: It is 2014 and we are still cracking up over mustaches! This Valentine’s Day card is a winner. Have your little one pose for a photo and combine it with silly mustaches from your local party store. (via Courtney Arnstein)

3. Shaving Cream Valentine: We love this interactive, and not messy, Valentine’s Day card. This card gives the kids a chance to draw and create without getting a mess everywhere. This idea is totally awesome! (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

4. Play Dough Cookie Cutter Card: Here is another interactive, not messy, Valentine’s Day card to hand out to your child’s class. Homemade play dough is super easy to make and a fun day project to do with your little DIY-er! (via Buggy and Buddy)

5. You’re One in a Minion: This is the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your little Minion. We can promise that they will be the talk of the class; so adorable! (via Sassy Dealz)

6. I Only Have Eyes For You: Eye’d say this Valentine’s Day card is one for the class clown. These cards would also be a great for students to create for their parents. (via Spoonful)

7. I’d Go Bananas For You: We love this fun way for your child to share healthy treats on Valentine’s Day. You can also try other fruits, such as oranges. “Orange you glad you are my Valentine?” (via Spoonful)

8. Friendship Blossoms: Flowers + Candy = Staples of Valentine’s Day. These cards are super easy to make and assemble. Pick up a flower punch at your local craft store and you’ll whip out 20 friendship blossoms in no time! (via Spoonful)

9. You’re Dino-mite: Who said love is extinct?! These cards are the cutest. Easy to make and assemble – you can find toy dinosaurs at Party City or Toys R Us. (via Spoonful)

10. I Never “Tire” of Your Friendship: These race car cards are spot-on for the little car enthusiasts in your life. This is the perfect way for him to go through all of his old untouched cars and give them to his friends. (via Spoonful)

11. We Click!: This barrette card is fabulous for all the little divas in the class. On the scale of one to easy, this card is easy! We vote yes! (via Spoonful)

12. We Make A Great Pair: What a cute idea! Don’t worry about buying Valentine’s Day themed socks, just purchase white socks and dye them a pink ombré. (via Saltwater- kids)

13. Love Bug: This card is designed for those little ones who can’t keep their hands off insects! Now insects aren’t for everyone (especially me) but plastic bugs and DIY printouts make this card cute and easy! (via Dandee Designs)

14. Valentine’s Day Kiss: We are “LOL-ing” at the photo cards. So adorable! Make sure your little one is photographed doing a kissy face so the kiss still stays after the candy is eaten! (via Me and My Insanity)

15. Whoopee!: Although this card has trouble written all over it, we couldn’t help but include this in our roundup. (via Super Mom Moments)

16. Bear Hugs: Are you on a time and money budget this Valentine’s Day? This is just the card for you to create with your little one. You can fill the baggies with bears while they write the cards to attach (or visa versa). (via Spoonful)

17. You Deserve a Hand: This is the perfect Valentine’s Day card for any teacher. Let’s be honest, every teacher deserves a hand. (via Spoonful)

18. I’ve Had My Eye On You: This is another great solution to a candy-less Valentine’s Day card. You can even grab the printable version off Danee. (via Danee)

19. Burst With Joy: This card brings us back to our least favorite emotion, being jealous of little kids. Now who doesn’t love bubbles! One more solution for a candy-less Valentine’s Day Card. (via Armella Blog)

20. You Color My World: Do you have tons of old broken crayons laying around in various drawers? Well, turn them into new multi- colored crayons by melting them down into heart shaped molds. This is a great DIY craft for you and your little one. If you have EVEN MORE crayon nubs laying around, combine them with wax and turn them into color blocked candles! (via Whipper Berry)

21. Fish Bowl Valentine: Sick of hearts this Valentine’s Day? Well try little fishes! Check out the free printable download at Bliss Bloom Blog. (via Bliss Bloom Blog)

22. You Make My Heart Glow: Now these glow stick cards get the message across brightly! We are loving the Milton Glaser inspired design, and you can download them here! (via Kommunicated)

23. Lollipop Cards: We are loving the photo illusions! When creating these cards play around with the focus. We think the best way is focusing on your little one’s Valentine’s Day grin. (via Lil Sugar)

24. Knot be the same: This card is perfect for the little DIY-er. Have her start custom designing bracelets for her BFFs now so she’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day . String or rainbow loom will work :) (via Danee)

25. Never Lego My Heart: Here is another great Valentine’s Day card for the little man DIY-er. Have him build mini lego hearts to give to all of his friends. Don’t worry about having it all match, rainbow hearts will be fun too! (via Mommy Loves Coffee)

26. You’re Tearing Up My Heart: I’m sure your little ones knows all the words to every One Direction song, but this card serves as a great way to teach your children about one of the greatest boy bands of all time – NSYNC. We are loving this interactive Valentine’s Day card. (via Dana Made It)

27. You Rule!: Calling all teachers! This Valentine’s Day card will be great for all of your students. Check out Relocated Living for their free printable! ( via Relocated Living)

28. Main Squeeze: Here is another idea for a candy-less card. These cards can be attached to fruit squeezes, juice boxes, or even squeezable yogurt! ( Via Blissfully Domestic)

29. Valentine’s Day Fridge Magnets: Are you and your little one pro DIY-ers? Perfect! These magnets are so cute! We love how they added a bit of glitter to the dough to make it sparkle. (via Red Ted Art)

30. Have a Ball This Valentine’s Day: And finally for the last, super easy, Valentine’s Day card – bouncy balls!

Which Valentine’s Day craft was your little DIY-er’s favorite? Tell us in the comments below!