As folks who spend a large chunk of our day surrounded by craft supplies, we can tell you one thing for certain: glitter sucks. Well, okay, it doesn鈥檛 suck. It looks awesome. However, it also gets everywhere and is impossible to fully clean up, 鈥渢he herpes of arts and crafts鈥 some have called it. So if you have somebody who you just straight up hate (a cheating ex, a pesky neighbor, etc) why not use glitter to get your sparkly revenge?


Ship Your Enemies Glitter is a brand new startup that, for a small fee, will do just that. Provide an address and $10 AUD ($8 USD) and they say they鈥檒l 鈥渟tuff so much glitter in an envelope they鈥檒l be finding that sh** everywhere for weeks.鈥 You can also opt to include a note in the envelope telling the person exactly why they鈥檙e receiving this terrible gift. The glitter will be mixed in with the note, thus increasing maximum spillage, This definitely beats that flaming paper bag full of of dog poo you were somewhat considering.


This brilliant business is the brainchild of Mathew Carpenter, a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur who suffered for years from friends and family who would send him birthday and Christmas cards filled with glitter. 鈥淚 hated it and wanted the rest of the world to feel my pain so that鈥檚 how the website was born,鈥 Carpenter says. While he obviously thought others would join him in this playful form of revenge, it seems he didn鈥檛 know just how into it they would be. Since the site went live yesterday, Carpenter has already received over one thousand orders. Oh, the power of the Internet.

Currently this is a one man operation, so if you want to ruin someone鈥檚 day with an envelope full of glitter before the end of 2015, we suggest getting your order in soon.

Is there anyone you would send glitter mail to? Tell us what you think of this idea in the comments below.