Oh movie theater food. It’s so bad… but it’s also oh-so-good. We’ve noticed that whenever we try making it at home, it never tastes as good. Probably because we need to bump up the butter, oil, and fat by 200%. Since we don’t want to know what’s actually in these snacks, we’ve rounded up 12 recipes inspired by movie theater staples. These will be perfect for when you host movie night at home with your February Brit Kit!

1. Furikake Popcorn: Popcorn. The movie theater must-have. The furikake adds an umami flavor, keeping it tasty but cutting a lot of the fat. If you want some sweet popcorn with your savory, check out our party popcorn! (Recipe and photo: Humble Bean)

2. Dairy Free Nacho Cheese: Luckily for most of us, we’re able to explore the deliciously creamy world of nacho cheese without any nasty repercussions. But what about those who have a horrible intolerance to lactose? Enter, dairy free nacho cheese. Still amazingly creamy and tasty! (Recipe and photo: The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen)

3. Soft Beer Pretzels: Soft. Beer. Pretzels. Need we say more? (Recipe and photo: The Novice Housewife)

4. Kimchi Relish Hot Dog: Love a good ‘ol hot dog with a heaping pile of sauerkraut? Maintain the tart flavor of sauerkraut but add a twist using kimchi relish instead! (Recipe and photo: Kimchi Chronicles)

5. Sweet Potato, Beet, Kale, Bacon or Apple Chips: Love chips? So do we. Make a whole arrangement of healthier chips for movie night. (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co)

6. Raspberry Lime Icee: Now that you’re an adult, you have a more sophisticated palate. Meaning, you’ve moved beyond the the single flavor cherry icee to an icee with two flavors, raspberry and lime. A sign of maturity. (Recipe and photo: A Girl Worth Saving)

7. Jack and Coke Cake: Instead of having a huge 32 oz coke, why don’t you bake a coke cake? Cake is more like a meal anyway ;) (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co)

8. Cotton Candy: You can still make cotton candy even without a machine! This is a great DIY project to do before the movie with friends and family. (Recipe and photo: Cooking Books)

9. Junior Mint Hot Chocolate: Rich, piping hot chocolate with a minty twist? Perfect for movie date night. Serve with a side of cuddling. (Recipe and photo: Picky Palate)

10. Gummy Bear Sangria: Gummy bears have never been so fancy. (Recipe and photo: Pepper.Ph)

11. Chocolate Cherry Twizzler Cakes: We are loving how deliciously chocolatey and cute these cakes are! Twizzlers are seriously magical, especially when put in a cake. (Recipe and photo: Caren Blair)

12. Sour Patch Cupcakes: Hope your sweet tooth is ready because these sour patch cupcakes pack quite the sweet punch!

What’s your favorite movie theater snack? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!