There are so many reasons to follow Blake Lively on Instagram, from previews of the best goodies you can find on her lifestyle website Preserve to the intimate glimpses into her beyond-adorable relationship with hubby Ryan Reynolds (yeah, the snaps of him don’t hurt one bit). And, of course, there’s the up-close look at her covetable style.

Blake has long been one of our go-to girls for beauty + fashion tips — baby bump or no — and has even inspired us to update our older pieces to fit right on trend (with a little DIY elbow grease, of course!). But lately, it’s been the way Blake has snapped her outfits that have caught our eye. Upon closer look (aka after we snapped out of the paralyzing hair trance), it turns out her feed is ripe with tips that can help you take your #OOTDs to the next level. Scroll below for five Blake-approved tricks that could help you easily turn up your style selfie game.


1. Break the Golden Rule of Selfies: If you really want to make your snap feel like it’s all about your outfit (versus all about Y.O.U.), don’t look at the camera. By saying “cheese” to your shoes, you’re leading your followers to take your cue and zone in on the sartorial details, like how effortlessly you layered those tops, how you made denim-on-denim look super chic or, in Blake’s case, how perfect that dress is for a summer wedding.


2. Point the Cam Down (Way Down): Blake’s Instas are basically a busy-girl badge — she doesn’t have time to find a fitting background, wait for picture-perfect lighting or rope in someone to take pro-level snaps. So, she turns the camera down (way down). Waist-down framing has been her signature of late, which gives her the opportunity to show off both insanely gorg gown-heel combosand flash any next-level accessories, finger bling and arm candy included. For those of us who toss on jeans and ankle boots and call it a day, putting your bottom half in focus might *actually* help you become a more creative dresser.


3. Show Off Your Options: We all have that head-over-heels moment where we fall for a new brand or designer. But even though that may result in splurging on all of the things, you most likely won’t be wearing them out all at the same time. Can’t decide between that blazer and kimono, or those heels and flats? Take a snap of your decision-making process. Not only will it give a fun behind-the-scenes feel to your feed, but it’s a great way to get your followers to consistently check back to see which can’t-live-without option reigned supreme.


4. Share Your Style Risks: Whether the way you took monochrome to the next level by matching your jeans to your lip color to your purse (whoa!) or that felt-it-in-your-gut pairing of a gala-worthy gown with a quirky clutch left you cringing or trending a day later, documenting your style risks might be the easiest way to stamp your unique POV into your squares, not to mention give your followers something new + creative to look at in a flood of play-it-safers.


5. Have a #FashionFaceOff: When posing solo gets lonely, grab a pal who’ll go toe-to-toe with you in a friendly/super-seriously competitive game of Raid Your Bestie’s Closet/ Who Wore It Best. Set a time frame, bust through that clothing avalanche and get ready for the hearts (and LOLs) to roll on in!

What celebs do you follow on social media for style inspo? Share your sartorial superstar short list with us in the comments below.

(Featured Photo via Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty; Photos via @blakelively)