Blogging and Snapchat. They go together like t-shirts and catch phrases. Like mac and cheese and bacon. Like Kim K and selfies. Sure, you follow your favorite recipe-maker, fitness guru or makeup maven on Insta, Twitter and Fbook. You probably even read their actual website or have Google alerts set up for when their tutorials go live. But why go through all the hassle (and tabs) when you could just pull up one app and have a play-by-play, behind-the-scenes look at their lives in almost-real time? Basically, Snapchat is like a blogging reality show, and you’re now invited to watch all these trendsetters do their thing.



1. Design Love Fest: While her blog is curated to be gorgeous, Bri’s life is aesthetically pleasing all by itself — no Photoshop needed. Of course, outside the gorgeous travel trips and brunches, Snapchat gives us the inside scoop on her girl posse, dating anxieties and business. (via @designlovefest)


2. The Skinny Confidential: Lauryn Evarts is an LA- and San Diego- based lifestyle blogger who always gives us the down and dirty deets, and her Snapchat is no exception. Pretty shots around her homes and Southern Californian surroundings are sprinkled with recipes, workout tips and the adorable ribbing of her fiance, Michael. (via @LaurynEvarts)


3. Gary Pepper Girl: Nicole Warne is a pretty BFD. Her most recent Snaps took us behind the scenes at Asia’s Next Top Model, where she was a guest judge, though she’s also appeared on multiple magazine covers. While it’s difficult to pinpoint what category Nicole falls under, we’d say if you’re interested in travel, tech and fashion, she’d be a good blogger to follow. (via @garypeppergirl)


4. The Stripe: Grace Atwood of The Stripe has such a sweet demeanor, you may just want to follow her Snapchat account for the friend vibes alone. Of course, it’s also fun to watch her go to blogger events, give us the lowdown on beauty and food and… okay, yeah. Basically we wish she was our BFF. (via @grace.atwood)


5. Stephanie Sterjovsk: Home renovations, behind-the-scenes blogger shoots and pretty little moments make it seem like Stephanie’s life might actually be as pretty as her blog depicts. (via @StephanieSterjovsk)


6. Eat.Sleep.Wear: If Kimberly’s wardrobe, home and life aren’t #goals, her sweet puppies might be. Don’t believe us? Check out her pup’s Instagram, then give this blogger a follow on Snapchat. (via @eatsleepwear)


7. Mr. Kate: If you shop her temporary tattoo or jewelry line, you already know plenty about the mastermind behind Mr. Kate. But if you can’t get enough of Kate’s home makeover series or makeup tutorials, peep her Snapchat for the full monty — beauty tips, blogger unboxings, nail art, outfit inspo and all the DIY craziness you can handle. (via @mrkate)


8. Cupcakes & Cashmere: Emily Schuman’s blog has been around forever in Internet years, which is why we love seeing her mixing things up with Snapchat. Of course, you’ll still get tons of bite-sized fashion, beauty and interior design advice, but you’ll also see her life in progress: adorable Snaps of her daughter, sneak peeks of her clothing line and dates with her hubby. (via @e.schuman)


9. Shalice Noel: Think your life is chaotic? Try following this super busy mother of four who goes between luncheons with InStyle and picking her kids up from school, all while making it look as flawless as a magazine spread. (via @shalicenoel)


10. Because I’m Addicted: Geri Hirsch is a multitasking mama whose life looks a lot like her blog. And by that we mean sprinkled with fashion and beauty inspo and pops of peonies. (via @gerihirsch)



11. We Wore What: If you haven’t read about her in one of your fave magazines, you may have seen her on a street style blog during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Danielle Bernstein has been slowly rising to the top of the fashion blogger world, and her Snapchat takes you along for the ride. (via @weworewhat)


12. Damsel in Dior: Jacey’s outfit inspo is reason enough to follow her. However, you’ll keep watching for her hilarious takes on everything from working out to plane travel to her two adorably lazy bulldogs. And keep your eyes peeled for some famous friends (shoutout to Catt Sadler!). (via @DamselinDior)


13. Man Repeller: In our eyes, Leandra Medine is kind of the OG Fashion blogger. She spoke to us first through her blog, then her book and now through the marvelous world of Snapchat. If you love Sex and the City commentary, quirky outfit inspo (see above) and thoughts/photos of what it’s like to work at MR HQ, give her a follow. (via @man_repeller)


14. Song of Style: Though Aimee is a digital fashion goddess, her Snaps are accessible to the everyday girl. Sure, you may find her globe-trotting like your favorite celeb or sporting Dior in her weekday wardrobe, but everyone can relate to those food pics. (via @songofstyle)


15. Camille Over the Rainbow: While her blog features mood board-like posts that will for sure inspire your next seven outfits, Camille’s Snapchat is full of relatable, British-fueled day-to-days that will give you tons of fashion and beauty inspo in real time. (via @camtyox)


16. Dylana Suarez: Dylana’s blog gives us all the creative director feels, but her Snapchat shows us a loud, quirky side to her that doesn’t always come through in her posts. Follow her for glimpses of workouts, walks through NYC and nights out on the town with her friends and her sis, Natalie (featured below!). (via @dylanasuarez)


17. The Blonde Salad: Modeling for magazine covers, rubbing elbows with the Fashion elite, meeting to discuss her shoe line or relaxing in her SoCal home — it’s all just a day in the life of Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni. (via @chiaraferragni)


18. Something Navy: Capsule collection announcements mixed with racing to blogger luncheons mixed with baby bath time. Arielle Charnas’s Snapchat = #lifegoals. (via @ariellecharnas)


19. Natalie Off Duty: The “new” fashion model isn’t just a pretty face — she’s a personality. And that couldn’t be more true for model/blogger Natalie Suarez. Her Snaps are the weirdness in all of us come to life, and full of all the travel, food and NYC partying goodness you could want. (via @natalieoffduty)


20. Hello Fashion Blog: This beautiful blogger makes motherhood look good. Her jet-setting lifestyle and outfit inspo is made that much sweeter with her approachable personality and relatable antidotes. (via @hellofashblog)



21. Eating Bird Food: From photo shoots to salad bowls, Brittany takes you inside the delicious world of food blogging. We never thought a salad could look so appetizing! (via @eatingbirdfood)


22. Health Beauty Fitness: While you may recognize Hannah from her recent Adidas campaign (like, what?!), she’s also known to DJ industry events and clubs and rubs elbows with your favorite celebs, all while being jet-legged from her international travels. And then, at the end of it all, she still manages to fit in a killer workout. If you need #fitspo, #followher. (via @hannahbgood)


23. Chickpea in the City: Addie Martan is a Chicago-based foodie coming for your meal plan. And by that we mean she makes even the healthiest things look like dessert. It’s not all hummus and smoothie bowls; she also shows snippets of roommate life (yes, she just graduated college!), her frequent trips to yoga class and life as a Whole Foods-er. (via @addiemartan)


24. Blogilates: Cassey Ho has been around for a while, and for good reason! Her Blogilates routines, paired with her recipes and food recs, are some of the cheapest, easiest ways to get abs at home. Luckily, her Snapchat provides the momentum and inspo you need to keep kicking butt. (via @casseyho)


25. Lake Shore Lady: While Lauren touches on fashion and lifestyle topics, her recent stint on Good Morning America proves that food is her main squeeze ATM. Def worth a follow for any healthy foodies out there. (via @lakeshorelady)



26. Desi Perkins: This beauty vlogger slays like no other. Her attitude, her fellow beauty blogging friends, her dogs, her hubby, her lashes… we want it all! (via @desiperkins)


27. Deepica Mutyala: Remember when you learned that lipstick is the best under-eye concealer? Well, you have Deepica to thank for that #ProTip. If you want to keep your beauty routine on point, you may want to give her a follow. (via @deepicam)


28. Sasha the Mua: Beauty may be her bread and butter, but if you want to know what goes on after the makeup brushes are put away, peep Sasha’s feed. (via @sashathemua)



29. P.S. I Made This: No one could forget one of the OG DIYers of the Internet Age: Erica Domesek! While she’s busy filming for YouTube or TLC, she always makes time to take snaps of her life to give us a taste of what goes on behind the scenes of that DIY blogger lyfe. (via @psimadethis)


30. The Crafted Life: While Rachel covers a range of topics on her Snapchat (life, travel, food), it’s still under the same colorful, bold and artistic lens she uses for her blog. We’ll cheers to that. (via @thecraftedlife)

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