Selfies have been gradually taking over the world ever since cell phones got cameras. Now the Queen of Self Portraits, Kim Kardashian, is taking the movement to a completely new level and no, it doesn’t involve the selfie stick. She’s writing (or, um, shooting?) a book on the topic.

The TV and social media (and app) personality is releasing a coffee table book about selfies, yes selfies, in May. The book, titled Selfish, is filled with hand-picked, never-before-seen images from Kim’s personal archive (that’s one way to clean your camera roll), from TBTs to glamour shots. According to Selfish‘s description, it’s a tribute to all of Kim’s fans that have supported her through her very highly publicized journey. What a nice gift, Kim, but we’d love it even more if the book included Instagram tips on how to take the best selfie alongside all that self adoration — or the how-tos for reaching mogul status in the digital age. Alas.

Kim revealed the cover of the book today on her social media accounts, naturally. In addition to the cover shot she sweetly tweeted, “TY 2 the Donda team & Kanye 4 inspiring this idea & helping 2 design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in an intimate & artistic way.” It looks like our bookshelves are gonna be crowded by the end of 2015 with this selfie tome, Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest novel and our very own Homemakers.

Will you be picking up Kim Kardashian’s Selfish from your local bookstore in May? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty and Instagram)