Birds of a feather flock together, and in the case of book readers and relationships, this is especially true. According to a new new study the University of Kansas reported on Eurkealert, American women who are readers and in book clubs seek out other readers when looking for a partner. The study also spoke with Irish women, whose behavior contradicted the American findings: Irish women were more inclined to join book clubs because their partners were not readers.

Bedroom_Brit_033-1 (dragged)

The common thread between the two sets of women, however, was that both used book clubs and reading as a form of exploring their sexual identity and a sense of self. Women also used book clubs — and we think friends and peers in general, most likely — as a means to discuss identities through the characters in books. We love you, Kim K. West, but we really hope women continue to connect through literature in addition to celebrities.

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