It’s no secret that we’re kind of (okay, totally) obsessed with Jenna Lyons. Sure, the creative director of J.Crew has a killer sense of style, but she’s also full of easily adoptable life and career advice. So, it’s not uncommon that when struggling to make a decision, whether it’s what to wear to a wedding or how to snag that promotion we’ve been after, we have repeatedly thought to ourselves, “What would Jenna Lyons do?”


Apparently we aren’t the only folks who have been asking themselves this question. Blogger, Robin Anderson recently released a limited edition tote bag that begs that exact mantra alongside an illustration of the all-knowing Lyons. Dude. Can we have 20?

The fact that this bag exists at all is amazing enough, but what’s even better is the Jenna Lyons bag is not a solo product, but rather the first in a #BossLadies bag series Anderson is creating. Each limited edition tote will feature a different female icon. As far as who else will be featured, no definite names have been leaked yet but Elements of Style tossed around a few you might have heard of, like Martha Stewart and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as contenders for future #BossLadies bags.


Each tote is printed locally, by hand, on recycled cotton bags that comply with fair wage and fair labor practices. They’ll set you back $35, which – if you ask us – is a small price to pay for spending an eternity with Jenna.

Who would you like to see on a #BossLadies bag? Share your favorite female icon with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Elements of Style)