Britney Spears has been our number one pop princess for two decades now, and she continues to slay, especially on social media. Her Instagram fashion shows give us life, and though we love her workout inspo and adorable moments with her family, we especially look forward to when she recreates her iconic looks. Her latest is a pair of shorts that she just wore from the year 2000. Yes, 18 years ago!

Spears posted a cheeky Boomerang video showing off her moves, joking that it鈥檚 鈥渋mpossible鈥 for her to go a day without dancing. And while she looks amazing in her yellow printed crop top, platform sandals, and wide-brimmed hat, it鈥檚 her teeny tiny jean shorts we鈥檙e obsessed with. They鈥檙e the same pair from the super sultry music video for 鈥淒on鈥檛 Let Me Be The Last to Know,鈥 which came out in 2000.

It鈥檚 no secret that the 鈥淢ake Me鈥 singer has been on her A-game when it comes to her fitness, but we can鈥檛 even deal with the sorcery that she looks just as flawless as she did nearly two decades ago. And yes, her diamond belly button piercing is still in tact, because Brit stays loyal to her signature aesthetic.

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