Britney Spears has been wowing fans in recent months, showing off her fit bod in a neon strappy ($22!) swimsuit, as well as super sultry Instagram videos. Stepping across the stage in her pro-pop performances with a toned tummy, badass biceps and sleek stems, Brit may have you wondering how she manages it. Well, viola! Here are the workouts and diet deets that keep her in A+ form.

Britney Spears _ Billboard Music Awards 2016

Having recently slayed hard at the Billboard Music Awards in a performance that showed she’s just as on top of her game as ever, she spoke to E! to reveal her secrets. Don’t worry! They’re totally relatable, totally do-able and totally yummy.

“I run a lot, I swim a lot and I dance a lot too,” Britney says, although that’s not the only thing making her move. “We had three hours of rehearsal yesterday,” she revealed, referring to the prep behind her “Make Me” video. Three hours? Yep, that’ll make you sweat.

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Wow Larry! Very impressed.

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When it’s time to refuel, Brit knows that nutrition rules, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to indulge, and when she does, oh boy! “Tacos, pizza and ice cream” are her cheat-day go-to choices, although not just any ice cream. “I love Oreo Blasts — they’re the best!” Hmm, might she be referring to Sonic’s Blast made with Oreo pieces? If so, yum!

It sounds like Brit knows the (fun and delicious) keys to fit-living success.

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(h/t E!, photos via Britney Spears, Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt/Getty)