For some of us, there’s no such thing as one outfit to last us through the day. We wake up, roll out of bed, work out, go to the office, meet friends for dinner and drinks and then come home, relax and go to bed. That can mean up to three outfits or wardrobe modifications: one specifically for exercise, one that’s workplace-friendly and one that’s perfect for a night out. Fashion company Brunswick Park is ready to give your laundry a break with their innovative series of blazers, hoodies and jackets meant to work with you “from the moment your alarm sounds to last call.”


If the success of their Kickstarter campaign is any indication, this brand has a bright future. The key to their versatility, they say, is their fabric and how it’s used.

“There’s been a lot of innovation in fabrics — especially performance fabrics. Unfortunately, they’ve been stuck in activewear,” says Brunswick Park co-founder Jessica Garbarino. “So we wanted to design a line that would bring the benefits of these performance materials to your everyday professional life. And transparency is another key component of the brand’s ethos, which is why it shares lots of glimpses into its manufacturing processes on its blog. “You should always have the opportunity to understand where and how your clothes are made,” says Garbarino.


Merino wool, which the founders call a “miracle fabric,” has some major benefits for active people. “It manages sweat, it manages moisture and it manages odor, and best of all, you can toss it in the wash, because dry cleaning is the worst,” says Garbarino’s co-founder, Alex Weaver.


While high-quality performance fabrics can be expensive, the Brunswick team says it’s cutting costs by cutting out the middle man of traditional retailers and selling directly to the customer.

The line has some added perks, including a wrist pocket perfect for subway cards and antibacterial properties that keep wearers from throwing anything in the washer too often. It comes in four styles: men’s and women’s blazers with a modern cut, as well as a women’s bomber jacket and a men’s hoodie. And for women, the bottom of the blazer can be zipped off for a day-to-night transition.

Production is set to start in December 2015 with fulfillment rolling out in February 2016. For Kickstarter donors, the line starts at $159.

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