There’s nothing like laying your head down on a squishy pillow after a long day, right? After melting into the soft, cushy comfort that is a pillow — basically a bed for your head — you realize that the situation would only get better if your S.O. was laying right next to you, able to equally soak up + savor every moment of that rare total relaxation with his/her own pillow. Spooning begins, but then a problem presents itself.

Simply put, there’s an annoying space between your pillow and your partner’s pillow that can’t be worked around. If you want to lay next to each other, your heads will probably be centered right on top of this crevasse, making it a bit uncomfortable and, inevitably, disturbing precious relaxation time with your boo. A company called Mr&Mrs Sleep created a solution to this annoyance by making a pillow that’s designed specifically for couples called the One Pillow. Because you just need one pillow now. Get it? ;)

The line features extra long pillows and pillowcases that are as wide as a bed, eliminating the gap that so many unsuspecting heads of couples fall into. The pillows come in solid colors and several cute designs and cost $75. Mr&Mrs Sleep was born after a couple became tired of landing in between their two pillows when they said goodnight to each other every night. They tested a bunch of different fabrics and fillings to determine which was the comfiest (rough job) until they landed on their current pillow design, which is a smart one but still keeps it pretty simple. The One Pillow would be a super unique wedding or anniversary gift — and what’s better than giving someone the gift of a good night’s sleep?! We’re *all* after that.

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