For anyone that immediately sees a hamburger and thinks, “that looks like a great canvas for my face,” there is now a solution. Hellmann’s 3D contraption draws your face out of mayo onto any surface, and in this case, your burger. Even if you’re not a fan of the creamy condiment, you’ll totally be a fan of this idea.

As a part of Hellmann’s summer “Life Hacks” campaign, the brand built a 3D printer that makes mayo selfies. But technically, they could be made out of any squeezable condiments, like ketchup or mustard. You could even make a chocolate sauce selfie on a sundae. Oh, the possibilities. Now where can we get ourselves one of these 3D food printers?

Loving this life hack? The summer project fun doesn’t stop there.

Hellmann’s Life Hack series also includes the Solar Lantern Jar, a hack to turn your leftover mayo jars into lawn lights that harness the sun’s rays for nighttime illumination.

There’s the Jar-BQ, a tiny, one patty grill.

And you can’t throw a real summer party without a DJ, or, now — the DJ Powered BBQ. This is definitely one of the most creative ad campaigns we’ve ever seen, not to mention a BBQ we want to attend this weekend…

Have you ever had your selfie printed on food? Tweet us a pic of your mugshot masterpiece and share your thoughts in the comments below!