Did you know that today is Macaron Day? What better way to celebrate one of the sweetest and most colorful days of the year than with a batch of freshly baked Funfetti Macarons? Besides, with all of our candy-inspired recipes and candy cocktails kickin' around the office, the only to kick our color cred up a notch was by mixing it up, Funfetti style.


– 1 box of Funfetti

– water

– oil, eggs (or try a Skinny Cupcake substitute)

– 1 can of Funfetti frosting


silicone square brownie pan

– optional: piping tips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix your batter together as directed, or try one of the healthier alternatives in our latest episode, Skinny Cupcakes.

Lightly coat your silicone pan with cooking oil or spray so it's easy to remove cakes after baking.

Pour batter into the pan, filling each square cavity about halfway. Bake for 15 minutes, or until you can insert a toothpick into the center and it comes out clean.

Since we had a little extra batter, we couldn't resist whipping up a dozen Funfetti cupcakes as well. ;)

Let cakes cool for 15 minutes before popping out. After you've popped them out of the pan, place uncovered in the fridge for another 15 minutes. This will give the cakes a slightly firmer texture, making it easy to transform them into macarons.

While waiting, prepare your frosting. We used a basic decorating set with piping tips and icing bags (available here) but you could easily hack it with a Ziploc (fill with frosting and cut one corner off) or just spread the frosting on with a knife.

Get your sprinkles ready by taking the cap off the frosting and peeling back the foil. If you're using regular frosting (not Funfetti), then use the cap of the frosting to keep your sprinkles contained.

Take your cakes out and cut off the tops. (We recommending saving the middles for a small batch of Funfetti Cake Pops!)

Frost generously on the inside of one top, and then sandwich two tops.

Using your already prepared sprinkle zone, roll your macaron in sprinkles to coat the edges of the frosting.

Voila! A batch of fun and festive macarons deliciously perfect for ringing in Macaron Day.

How will you celebrate Macaron Day? Ever tried your hand at homemade macarons? We'd love to try out your macaron tips and tricks. Leave us a note in the comments below or tell us how much you love Funfetti on Twitter!