Besides Katy Perry’s luscious lavender locks and Meghan Trainor’s enviable cat eye, there was one major beauty moment that stood out for us across *all* the celebs at last night’s Grammy Awards. Those. Lashes. Those gorgeous, fluttery, flirty as heck lashes just about every celeb was sporting that might have made you think… um, how could I EVER get that look at home. Well, lovelies, I’m here to show you how with a little beauty hack that’s — gasp — way easier than you might think. Skip the set of tarantula-size fringe and get red carpet-ready lashes in just five easy steps for your next girl’s night out or special event (psst, brides, you *and* your wedding party will l-o-v-e this!).


To achieve this look, you need not one, but two sets of natural looking lashes. I went with Andrea Strip Lashes 21 ($4) + Ardea Lashlites 330 ($4). Oh yeah, did we mention that this is a super affordable trick as well? You’re welcome, ladies ;)

Step 1: Cat Eye + Curl Lashes


Draw on a slightly dramatic clean cat eye using a gel liner and an angled liner brush. I am using NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner and Smudger in Betty Black ($11).

Step 2: Apply Glue To Lash


It helps if you apply the lash glue to the lash after putting a small amount of glue onto the back of your hand and lightly dragging the lash through the glue using tweezers. You will have a little more control with this method. I highly recommend the Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive ($8) because it is the easiest to apply, dry and take off. Pro Tip: Wait for the glue to become slightly tacky before applying the lashes to your lash line. This will help it stay in place better as opposed to sliding around and getting glue all over.

Step 3: Apply First Lashes


Apply the first set of lashes then immediately add glue to the next lash. Once it’s tacky apply it to your other lash line.

Step 4: Apply Second Lashes


Repeat the same steps from step three, but this time laying the second set of lashes directly over the first set.

Step 5: Mascara


Carefully apply a coat or two of mascara. This works best if you make sure the lash glue has completely dried before attempting this move. And (yes!) that’s it.


Now you’re looking like you just won a handful of Grammys. Date night, here you come!

Wearing: ModCloth Nothing But Luxe Dress ($60), Sara Cramer Striped Wilde Geometric Bracelet ($215) model’s own rings,

Will you be trying out this lash hack at your next big event? Maybe even V-Day (that’s this Saturday btw, peops!)?!

(Celeb photos via Jason Merritt/Getty)