We’ve already plotted out what our lives would be like if we were celebrities (you have too, right?), and there would definitely be a Tesla and some Louboutins involved, but all of our fame and riches wouldn’t deter us from trying out new recipes. After all, stars who can cook are even cooler in our books. Here’s what’s going down in the kitchens of some of our favorite stars this holiday season.


1. Blake Lively’s Pumpkin-Shaped Baked Brie: Baked cheese is the appetizer of champions. If this is any sign of what’s to come from the kitchen of Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site, we can’t wait ’til she invites us over for New Year’s.


2. Lauren Conrad’s Confetti Marshmallows: Lauren Conrad combined two of the happiest, most party-lovely treats to create a mashup that we definitely want to try making ourselves. If we used chocolate sprinkles, could these be used in s’mores?


3. Rachel Zoe’s Holiday Cocktails: What’s a holiday gathering without a bit of festive booze? Grab a zest of citrus and whip up your favorite holiday cocktail.


4. Jamie Oliver’s Whole Roasted Cauliflower: Only Jamie Oliver could have use rethinking our meaty main dish for this vegetarian option instead. Who knew cauliflower could look so glowing?


5. Padma Lakshmi Apple Pie: Pile up the apples and throw them in a crust. It’s high time for pie time through the rest of winter.


6. Karlie Kloss Family Time: There’s nothing like family time in the kitchen. Karlie and her mama spend an entire day every year baking it up.


7. Taylor Swift Chai Sugar Cookies With Eggnog Icing: T. Swift actually made this batch of seasonal cookies a few months ago calling it, “Christmas in September.”


8. Lady Gaga Seasoned Squash: Gaga is cooking up dinner for two with baked squash topped with sage and garlic. It’s an easy dinner that’s so perfect for winter.


9. Chrissy Teigan’s Chipotle Chicken: We’re going to Chrissy Teigan’s place for dinner, y’all. Do you think John Legend would mind if we steal his wife’s mango salsa recipe?


10. Khloe Karadashian’s Feast Fit for the Kardashians: It looks like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Kardashians have a mid-holiday feast, which we can totally get into.


11. Gwyneth’s Open Fire: The goop crew might not be roasting chestnuts this year, but we’ll take a serving or two of whatEVER they’re cooking up for that jumpstart on our New Year’s rezzies!

Who’s your favorite celebrity chef? Let us know in the comments!