Just because a $625+ pair of iconic pumps aren’t quite in the budget doesn’t mean you can’t wear Louboutins. Starting August 6th, the famed shoe designer is releasing a line of nail polish… and boy, are we pumped! Get it? Pumped?!

The jump into beauty products may seem strange, but it was the logical next step for Christian Louboutin who’s known for his sky-high heels and signature red soles. After all, the first-ever prototype of the sole was actually painted with red nail polish. It’s only fitting that the brand would come full circle with a line of lacquers they can call their own.

The polishes will be somewhat of a luxury experience, and with the $50 price tag of one bottle, it’s not for the average fashionista. The bottle (and its packaging) are both handmade and works of art themselves. Plus, each nail color has the highest percent of pigment in the entire beauty industry — so you’re really paying for a top notch product. Also available will be a $55 “necessary nail care” kit.

While the pretty polishes will cost you an even prettier penny, they’re definitely a smaller splurge than their counterpart (the shoes). But you better get yourself a good top coat, ‘cause you will not want those beauties to chip. If you want to make extra good use of your polish, you could use it for a number of DIY projects, like making semi-faux Loubs on the cheap.

The signature red hue will release on August 6th, but the other 30 colors won’t come out until August 31st. As for how the collections will continue to grow, the designer plans to release a new collection with every new shoe collection (twice a year).

While luxury brands like Chanel and Tom Ford are already well-established at the cosmetic counter, it may seem like Louboutin’s a little late to the party. But this is only the beginning of the journey for the already-successful brand. There are no definitive future plans to delve deeper into the beauty market, but we can only imagine what’s to come for the future of Louboutin. Apparently, we can look out for a dedicated beauty shop in Paris by the end of the year. And we’re hoping for the perfect red lipstick, but hey, a girl can dream!

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(h/t WWD)