Welp, it looks like the world of 3D printing has spread even wider than we could have imagined. Because now you can literally order a car on demand and have it printed to your exact specifications. Local Motors, based in Phoenix, AZ, is announcing its newest vehicle called the Strati — the first 3D printed vehicle of its kind.

The car is made up of 49 printed parts, which is way less than the traditionally used 5,000 parts needed for cars made in regular old manufacturing plants. And while the Strati perhaps takes a bit longer to make (44 hours to build one car) the final result is just as impressive as any BMW or Tesla.

The practicality of the Stratti lowers the price to a fairly cheap $20K per car. For the newest innovation on the market, that’s not too shabby. Add to that one completely electric engine, a super-charged battery and the potential for any array of custom designs and colors and we could be looking at the future of driving. No word yet how it handles on the highway, but man, we’re eager to find out.

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