Just because CES is over doesn’t mean we’re not still oohing and ahhing over all the new gadgets and gizmos that were announced last week. We’ll continue highlighting the best of CES for the next few days here on Brit.co, and this next installment is all about easing your daily commute.

At CES this year, Urb-E and Faraday Bikes both announced new innovations to two-wheeled transportation. Urb’s e-vehicle is a ridiculously compact motorized scooter, and Faraday’s Porteur aims to be a beautiful, functional electric bike.

First up, the scoop on Urb-E’s e-vehicle. This super compact electric scooter folds up, making it small enough to fit in between your legs while sitting on a train, bus or car. This compactness also makes it easy to bring in anywhere you go.

Urb-E’s got plans for public charging stations, but for now you’ll charge at home. One battery charge gets you 20 miles of movement, which is great for commuting in a city. In terms of speed, the max is 15 mph, which is also city-friendly.

The part we love the most? The fact that you can customize your scooter with sleeve inserts in the colors of your choice. Oh, and those sweet LED lights ;)

The price point is speculated at $1,500 a pop — we’ll know more when the Kickstarter campaign launches in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Next up, The Faraday Porteur. Dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bike,” the Porteur is a beautiful electric bike, made with design top of mind.

There’s a motor on its front wheel and batteries stored inside the frame, making it look like a regular city commuter bike rather than a bulky electric bike.

It has a 350-watt motor, which works to about three times typical human power. Naturally, that measurement is slightly subjective, but we’re all about getting a little power to boost us up all the crazy hills in San Francisco.

The great thing about the Porteur is the fact that it operates as a regular commuter bike when you want it to, and simply gives you a little extra power when you need it. The battery isn’t bulky, which means its not adding a ton of weight for regular biking. The Porteur is available for pre-order for a cool $3,500. Definitely an investment.

All in all, we’re loving these innovations in the world of biking. Not only do they make commuting in a city way easier, but they’re energy-efficient, well-designed, and will certainly save you money.

What do you think of these new takes on electric bikes? Talk to us in the comments below.