A few weeks ago we ventured into the world of DIY lighting, complete with vintage-style marquees, yarn lanterns, and the like. While researching this, we came across a whole bunch of gorgeous DIY chandeliers as well! Making your own chandelier definitely takes a little more elbow grease than a mason jar with a light bulb in it, but all of these projects are totally doable and perfect for weekend making. Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite in the comments below – and stay tuned for our own DIY chandelier in the next few days!

1. Work Light Chandelier: Kind of a genius move to take work lights that are already bright and colorful and string them together into a bit of ceiling decor. (via Daily Candy)

2. Brass Orbit Chandelier: This modern metal piece is surprisingly simple to create, provided you are ready to deal with a whole lot of wire. (via Lindsey Adelman)

3. Water Bottle Chandelier: Love this use of recycled water bottles. (via Oh Happy Day)

4. Wine Barrel Ring Chandelier: This light fixture would look right at home in Napa Valley. (via Nepacena)

5. Paint Swatch Chandelier: Featured in our paint chip project roundup, we love the playfulness of this chandelier… and the fact that the main material is free! (via Hey Gorgeous Events)

6. Wall Chandelier: Huge props to the maker of this piece of illuminated wall art. (via Meijo’s Joy)

7. Candle Lantern Chandelier: Next time you find yourself at an antique fair, keep your eye out for this type of lantern. Traditionally made for candles, it’s pretty easy to rework for more modern lighting. (via Vintage Revivals)

8. Rope-Wrapped Chandelier: We’ve been on a bit of a rope kick here at Brit HQ and love this rope wrapping hack. (via Remodelaholic)

9. DIY Sputnik Chandelier: We have to give props to this project yet again, simply because we appreciate how much time and effort went into making such a bold piece. (via Little Green Notebook)

10. Giant Polish Chandelier: Bright bursts of color play a starring role in just about every project on Oh Happy Day and this project is no exception. (via Oh Happy Day)

11. Test Tube Chandelier: You may recognize this from the BritList! We love the idea of a chandelier filled with wildflowers. Plus, you can order test tubes just like these over on Amazon. (via PaniJurek on Etsy)

12. Yarn Chandelier: This is a simple design that has a certain element of romance to it – we particularly love the limited color palette. (via Wedding Chicks)

13. DIY Capiz Chandelier: Who says you need to forage for legit capiz shells when parchment paper and a giant hole punch can achieve the same look? ;) (via Lisa Roy)

14. Honeycomb Chandelier: This paper chandelier uses a few pops of honeycomb paper to create an instantly festive vibe. (via One Charming Party)

15. Vintage Wheel Chandelier: Hit up the flea market this weekend and score yourself a wagon wheel or two. Then make your own take on this rustic chandelier. (via Black Oak Vintage)

16. Garden Jar Chandelier: Come on, how could we exclude mini mason jars from this scene? (via Michelle Kaufman)

17. Epic Handmade Dining Room Light: We don’t like to use the word “epic” lightly, so trust us when we say that this gorgeously handmade fixture is, indeed, epic. (via Love and Renovations)

18. Air Plant Chandelier: It seems like air plants might be the new succulent. This playful window chandelier is a network of quirky air plants hanging happily in the sun. (via The Zen of Making)

19. Cardboard Chandelier: Now this is some stylish scrappiness. Create your own cardboard cutout chandelier from all those Amazon Prime boxes just waiting to be recycled. (via Katydid and Kid)

20. Bright Beaded Chandelier: Last, party time! You’d have to show a lot of you know what to stock up on this many Mardi Gras beads… or you could probably buy them in bulk at Party City ;) (via Makely Home)

Have you ever made a chandelier? Or any other DIY lighting? Tell us about it in the comments below.