Gearing up for St. Patty’s Day? Us too! As you might have noticed, our site has definitely turned a little green this week. But there’s more to the ides of March than being two days before this Sunday’s shamrock fest – there’s the BritList!

1. The Stooler: This doodad can turn just about anything into a stool. Love it.

2. Measuring Tape Art: These gorgeous works by Kristiina Lahde are made using good old measuring tape.

3. Cherry Tomato Balloons: How cute is this? Who said playing with your food’s just for kids?

4. The Veronica Mars Movie Project: Leave it to Kickstarter to finally give Veronica Mars fanatics a bit of hope. If you haven’t watched an episode or two of this surprisingly addictive cult classic, give it a go and you’ll probably end up pledging.

5. US State Return Address Stamps: Found on one of our favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, these custom stamps are perfect for wedding invites or for those who love going postal ;)

6. Nuia eyeCharm: Ready for some serious futuristic action? The eyeCharm lets you control your computer… with your eyes! You can select items just by looking at them, you can control games and even your browser will automatically scroll adjusted to your reading. It feels like the computer is reading your mind which is both weird and useful all at the same time.

7. Cookware that Looks Like Wall Art: Designed by Karim Rashid, these pieces of cookware hang together on the wall and actually don’t look half bad. Plus they come in a whole bunch of fun colors, perfect for any kitchen.

8. Test Tube Chandeliers: Created by Pani Jurek and for sale over on Etsy, these chandeliers definitely inspire some DIY brainstorming. Now if only we saved all those random items from our high school chemistry set!

9. Marimekko Desktop Calendars: Each month Marimekko serves up a super colorful desktop calendar – we’re definitely digging March.

10. Barista Bot: We’ve seen a few iterations of this before. This time it’s not about printing a message on your latte, it’s about printing your portrait!

11. Glue Guide: Big props to Design*Sponge for putting this basic glue guide together – stay tuned for our own guide to glue including favorite brands and pro tips.

12. Big Big Pixel: You know we love pixelated style.

13. Maze Furoshiki Scarf + Strap Set: What looks like a simple scarf is made way more awesome with a strap that helps you turn it into a bag. So cool!

14. USB Power Strip: Now that’s what we’re talking about!

15. Hey Girl Journal: Dear Diary…

What goodness have you happened upon online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.