Let there be light! Last week we showed you a handful of playful desk lamps and today we're here to share some of our favorite IKEA hacks for lighting. Whether you're up for making a super modern chandelier or simply want to turn a flower pot into a bedside lamp, IKEA and your local hardware store are definitely your new besties. For more IKEA DIY action, check out our recent roundup of 10 colorful furniture hacks.

1. Frack Hack: We'll kick things off with the hack that inspired this entire post! This clever DIYer has taken a $5 IKEA Frack Bathroom Mirror and turn it into a flexible bit of bedside lighting. We love the industrial aesthetic!

2. Tertial Chandelier: Why not turn a desk lamp (or 4) upside down? This hack takes classic tertial desk lamps and creates a track lighting-esque lighting scene. This does involve a bit of electrical work, so be sure to get a primer on how to rewire lamps from your local hardware store.

3. Skurar White Metal Flowerpots: Speaking of turning things upside down, don't these flowerpots just make perfect lampshades? Perhaps a floppy disk flowerpot chandelier is in the Brit & Co. future… ;)

4. Sputnik Chandelier: Definitely on the more involved side, this tutorial shows you how to turn a standard IKEA Maskros chandelier into a gorgeous sputnik chandelier using paper, paint, and small glass ramekins.

5. Full Sail Hemma Chopstick Lamp: We love this sailboat-looking pendant light. All you need is paperwood, chopsticks, rubber bands, and a hanging bulb socket. It would definitely be fun to play around with cut outs on the paperwood and maybe some paint on the chopsticks.

6. A Watering Can of Light: Another one that makes use of your garden supply closet, this is a simple way to turn a watering can into a light. It works perfectly with IKEA’s Yallo Watering Can but would also probably work well with the standard plastic ones you can find at just about any grocery, hardware, or gardening store.

7. Book Lamp: Book-inspired decor? Sign us up. A couple weeks ago we showed you how to turn a book into a clock, and now we're super intrigued by this tutorial on how to turn one into a lamp! This takes a $5 Lampan Lamp (best name for a lamp, ever?) with a CFL bulb (so it doesn't get hot) and cuts out a bulb shape right in the book. Very clever indeed.

8. Lampan Light Sculpture: Speaking of $5 Lampan Lamps, why not take 6, 12, or 32 and turn them into a giant light sculpture? This is both affordable and beautiful, and great for an office conference room or large studio.

9. Tradig Bowl Chandelier: That's right. This is a fruit bowl! So fun. We love the idea of doing this with colorful colanders, steamers, and salad bowls.

10. Southern Charm Mason Jar Chandelier: Can't really do a DIY roundup without including a little mason jar action, can we? This combines a ceiling-mounted utensil rack, and handful of Hemma-black cords, and, of course, mason jars.

Have you tricked out any IKEA lighting of your own? We'd love to see photos! Leave us a note in the comments below or send photos our way on Twitter or Facebook.