Channing Tatum can do no wrong, it seems. Whether he’s melting hearts snapping stunning, makeup-free photos of his wife, taking pics with his little babe or making us all swoon with his dance moves in Magic Mike, the guy’s really got it goin’ on. But over the weekend, he took it to a new level and made us all LOL *and* “Awww” at the same time (a hard feat to master) thanks to a hilarious getup he donned for his daughter’s Halloween carnival.


Channing’s Halloween costume of choice on Sunday was a chubby Winnie the Pooh costume, proof that he can officially pull of anything he puts on his body. In true Channing style, he rocked it with as much confidence as one can while wearing an oversized bear suit. The way he’s standing just adds to the hilarity of the look, because a super serious, grown man dressed as Winnie the Pooh is infinitely funnier than a cheesily-smiling one. This man means bees-niss — don’t mess with this honey bear.

While we’re all about creative, DIY Halloween costumes (and can think of at least 100 that Channing + Jenna would look amaze in), we can’t hate on how easy it is to throw on a store-bought getup when you’re short on time. That’s what happens when you’re a parent to a two-year-old, afterall.

What costume do you hope Channing Tatum wears next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(featured photo via Angela Weiss/Getty; photo via @channingtatum)