Yeah, it聽may聽be Fourth of July聽on Saturday but it鈥檚 also opening weekend for聽Magic Mike XXL. When we aren鈥檛 busy over the holiday enjoying a backyard BBQ聽or poolside party, we鈥檒l be cooling off (and heating things up?) inside with a screening of the three-years-in-the-making stripper sequel. Seriously, what took so long for the follow-up to the campy original to make it to the big screen?!

magic mike xxl

While we lost some amazing eye candy from the first film聽鈥 TTYN聽Matthew McConaughey + Alex Pettyfer 鈥 the sequel more than makes up for the void with brand-new dancers聽this time around. What better way to honor the film, which is totally all about objectifying these guys btw, than by deep-diving into an oft-asked question: do the cast of Magic Mike look better with or without their shirts on? One person who would totally get behind this argument is Chris Pratt, who recently stated he thinks men should be objectified just as much as women (Kim K, you hear that?). Also, why is HE not in聽Magic Mike XXL?! 聽

So聽thanks for the permission, Chris. Join us as we take your聽lead and conduct some in-depth research on whether or not Channing + crew should suit up or keep their tops popped. It鈥檚 investigative journalism at its finest, literally ;)

channing tatum

1. Channing Tatum: The leader of the dance crew has abs of steel, moves for days and a face that can make anyone swoon. When looking at the above photos we find ourselves struggling to take our eyes off the left one 鈥 whoops! 鈥 but, NGL, he sure does know how to pull off a suit + tie. (Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+ Tim P. Whitby/Getty)

matt bomer

2. Matt Bomer: Yeah, you know the nickname IRL and in the film (look it up + Ken, respectively). Basically this guy is *perfect* and we really don鈥檛聽have a preference when it comes to聽him. Just give us more聽of him, Hollywood.聽(Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+聽Tim P. Whitby/Getty)

joe manganiello

3. Joe Manganiello: Sofia Vergara鈥檚 fianc茅聽is tall, dark and handsome (and jacked!). While he does fill out a two-piece suit nicely, it鈥檚 hard not to get lost in鈥 that defined stomach鈥β(Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+ Tim P. Whitby/Getty)

donald glover

4. Donald Glover: The singer and Community star is showing he鈥檚 got even more to offer than a hilarious one liner. A lot more. Personally, we can鈥檛 not聽love a man in a bow tie, but then he also rocks a top hat with that open blazer. How can we ever choose?! (Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+聽Larry Busacca/Getty)

adam rodriguez

5. Adam Rodriguez: Umm hi, where have you been all our life, Adam? With a suave suit look and a tight stomach, this matchup is an even tie. (Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+ Tim P. Whitby/Getty)

stephen twitch boss

6. Stephen 鈥渢Witch鈥 Boss: The former So You Think You Can Dance聽contestant and Ellen DeGeneres Show guest DJ landed his biggest role to date, that just so happens to also be his most revealing. We are not complaining though ;)聽(Photos via聽Warner Brothers聽+聽Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

Someone grab me a fan, it鈥檚 a little hot in here. But for real, how does one choose between an attractive dude with his shirt off versus with it on when he looks amazing both ways?! We call it a tie for all of the聽Magic Mike聽guys, maybe until we see them in action on the big screen this weekend.

Who is your fave聽Magic Mike XXL聽cast member and聽what attire do you prefer them in? Share those thoughts with us in the comments.

(Photo聽Michel Porro/Getty)