If you and your boo haven’t settled on Halloween a costume yet, it’s time to start thinking about what the two of you will be rocking. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it much thought yet: We’ve searched far and wide to bring you our favorite couples costume ideas — the classics, contemporaries and everything in between. From too-cute desserts to the living undead to SO many amazing pop culture costumes, here are 100 couples costume ideas that will help you and your boo stand out this All Hallows’ Eve.

fro yo and spoon

1. Fro-Yo and Spoon: Let’s start this off with this adorable combo. Who doesn’t love some fro-yo? And you can’t have this frozen goodness without a spoon sidekick! (via Studio DIY)


2. Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé: Yeah! Our very own Kelly and Anj pretty much dominated this fierce look. Channel the same glamazon vibes from Nicki and Bey’s “Feeling Myself” MV. (via Brit + Co)


3. Roger and Anita: This couple has 101 problems and couple costumes aren’t one. Pair up with your hubby for everyone’s favorite pair of humans in 101 Dalmatians (Dogs come separately). (via Melissa Biggerstaff)

magic school bus

4. Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus: Everyone will want to tag along with you and your SO with this costume. Why? Because there’s no adventure quite like the ones Ms. Frizzle goes on in her Magic School Bus. (via Stars and Sunshine)

honeysuckle bee

5. Honeysuckle and Honey Bee: Bzzzz. This sweet couple costume is perfect for you and your honey. Not to mention, it’ll have everyone buzzin’ about how cute the two of you will look. (via @leela_cozette)

insta selfie

6. Instagram #Selfie: If you’re ready for a bunch of selfi-ers headed your way, whip these two costumes up for you and your partner. (via @tmnrrs)


7. Inside Out: There’s no joy like a good way to channel that anger… in costumes of course! Either go with these two characters or try our other Inside Out costumes. (via Brit + Co)


8. The Dress: Seeing double? Twin out in the most aggravating way possible this season with a DIY version of the dress. We’ll leave it up to you two to decide who’s blue and black or white and gold. (via Brit + Co)

jurassic park

9. Jurassic Park Couple: Here’s a dino joke you haven’t heard: What’s the scariest type of dinosaur? A Terror-dactyl. *Ba Dum Tss* (via @jessicaannblog)

ice cream server and ice cream

10. Ice Cream Man and Ice Cream: You’ll want a scoop of your bae looking this sweet ;) And that blue hair is too perf. (via @chelseamew)

jack and jill 3

11. Jack and Jill After the Hill: If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Jack and Jill after falling down the hill, here’s the answer. Ouch. (via Pixshark)


12. Karl and Choupette: Everyone loves Karl. Everyone loves Choupette. The end. (via @smashleybell)

khal and khalessi

13. Daenerys and Khal: YAAAS. This is the only other Queen on this list that deserves a standing ovation. Plus, Khal doesn’t look too shabby either. (via @carlibel)

kimye and north

14. Kimye: If you’re looking to make a statement, why not try this power couple on for size? Stick to body hugging outfits for Kim and a polo and pants for Kanye. Don’t forget his stunner shades. (via @ericmbualungu)


15. Lotería: Otherwise known as the Mexican Bingo, Lotería is a Latin game of chance. Dressing as these characters cards is a sure win for best dressed. Just look at La Dama and El Músico! (via @amandamellina)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

16. Simba and Nala: Can you feel the love tonight? Because everyone who gets a look at you two definitely will. Bring this Disney love story to life with some furry accessories and a tanned out wardrobe. (via Alvarado Road)

liz lemon kenneth the page

17. Liz Lemon and Kenneth: The nerdy and undoubtably hilarious 30 Rock duo Liz Lemon and Andromakennethamblesorten Ellen Parcell (AKA Kenneth the page) will have everyone in laughs. (via @emmalfuller)

lord baelish and cersei

18. Lord Baelish and Cersei Lannister: This malevolent force is probably not to be messed with. Unless of course, you’re dressing up as them. (via Mooshuu/Flickr Creative Commons)

lumiere babette

19. Lumiere and Babette: Move over Beauty and Beast, these guys are this year’s cutest couple from the Disney classic. (via @jasonthejman)

mario luigi

20. Mario and Luigi: This dynamic duo has been a popular Halloween go-to since the ’80s. Green and red shirts, lettered caps, overalls and you both are good to go. (via @coryjk)

man and woman holding hands

21. Emoji Couple: Here’s a clever excuse to hold hands all night. Dress up as the couple emoji with your SO or BFF. Or choose from any of our other emoji costumes. (via Brit + Co)

marty and doc

22. Marty McFly and Doc Brown: If our calculations are correct, these Back to the Future costumes are the coolest things ever. (via Friday We’re In Love)

medusa and stone

23. Medusa and Statue: In this case, looks really can kill. But, Medusa proves it in the best way possible. (via @nicollette210)


24. Katy Perry and Russell Brand: Even though the comedic couple split, it doesn’t hurt to hope… or dress up as them. (via Costume Works)

mime couple

25. Mimes: Put on a show for friends by communicating with your hands, juggling or pulling an invisible rope. If you love charades, why not try it for a whole night with these awesome outfits? (via Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride)


26. Minions: The best part of being minions for a night isn’t being called adorable. It’s that there’s an actual excuse to be the mischievous little munchkins you both really are. (via @idackarlsen)

minnie and mickey mouse

27. Minnie and Mickey Mouse: Sigh. Mickey and Minnie. Disney’s original #RelationshipGoals. (via @neyconye)


28. Monopoly: This clever play on words is EVERYTHING. Monopoly the board game and McDonalds the monopoly. SO GOOD. (via pixgood)

netflix and chill

29. Netflix and Chill: You might want to keep it PG for the party like this couple here. But, hey no judgement. (via @_gravois)


30. The Nightmare Before Christmas: When you put Tim Burton and a love story together, you end up with something completely unexpected. If Jack and Sally’s twisted love tale is just what you’ve been looking for, check out how to get the look here. (via Brit + Co)


31. Oreo: How clever is this costume? When you and your other half go in for a hug, you make an Oreo with you both as the creme filling. (via @323orange)

peter pan and tigerlily

32. Peter Pan and Tiger Lily: We do believe in cute couple costumes. We do, we do! Peter and Tiger Lily here prove just that. (via @ourdailyvisions)

popeye and olive oyl

33. Popeye and Olive Oil: If you’re a fan of something a little ol’ fashioned, here’s a couple for you. Damsel-in-distress Olive and a spinach-fueled Popeye to save the day. (via @ritacykim)

House of Cards Costume Frank and Claire Underwood

34. House of Cards: There’s no couple as powerful and power-hungry as Francis and Claire Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards. If you and your bae are out to dominate, there’s no team of two more perfect. (via Reddit)

Kevin Mazur

35. Andie Walsh and Duckie: If your guilty pleasure consists of ’80s films and you can relate to that teen angst, Andie and Duckie from Pretty in Pink is *the* quirky couple for you. (via Kevin Mazur/Getty)

princess bride

36. The Princess Bride: Into masked heroes and fairytale endings? As you wish. Westley and Buttercup it is. (via A Beautiful Mess)

rick and carl

37. The Walking Dead: Zombies and Rick and Carl, oh my. If the living dead is your thing, you gotta go the father-and-son-surviving-zombie-apocalyptic way. (via @rebecca_bee)

robber and money

38. Burglar and Bag of Money: Your friends won’t want to take the two of you out of their sight. (via Julie Ann Art)

robin and poison ivy

39. Robin and Poison Ivy: Hero meets villain and falls in love? Hey, it makes for a good story. Plus, they look so cute! (via @michelleeevu)

Roy Lichtenstein pop art

40. Pop Art: Play up your features with some fun face painting. Strike a pose and you and your partner will look like you’re straight out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting. (via Daniel/Flickr Creative Commons)


41. The Sims: Entertain friends with the idea of what would happen if Sims were real. Don’t forget to keep yourselves happy with lots of fun and food. (via @brandonpetrykowski)

batman and robin

42. Batman and Robin: Holy Halloween, Batman! This crime-fighting duo also apparently makes for an epic couples costume. (via @alyssa_malfettano)

skeleton couple

43. Skeleton Lovers: These two prove that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. (via smilebooth)

sesame street

44. Sesame Street: We might not be able to tell you how to get to Sesame Street, but we know what’s there. Big Bird and Cookie Monster in love! (via @laplantek)

sun and moon

45. The Sun and the Moon: Go above and beyond with these stellar costumes. You’ll be his moon and he’ll be your sun. (via @unthetheredmoon)

starlord and gamora

46. Star Lord and Gamora: If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurist, these Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are just the ones for you and your boo. Just make sure your Star Lord doesn’t get into too much trouble. (via @legoldensnitch)

sunmaid and raisins

47. Raisins and Peanuts: Here’s every trick-or-treaters’ worst nightmare brought to life! AHHHH. (via Costume Works)


48. Tetris: Not 100% sure how these girls got their hair to do that, but crazy props to them. Also, props to you and your Tetris partner if you two manage this hair madness. (via @thefedoralife)

snow white and princ

49. Snow White and Prince Charming: Here’s a couples costume that’s more traditional and an easy Disney favorite: Snow White and her Prince Charming. If you want to make things a little more interesting, try pairing up with one of the dwarves. That’ll make for a very interesting story. (via @marieugene)

top gun

50. Top Gun: No one will want to mess with you two in your killer pilot outfits. Just keep an eye out for that ego. (via @jcampbell1515)


51. Tourists: This look is all about the ridiculous and over the top. Neck Scarves? Check. Socks and sandals? OH, YEAH. (via The Perpetual Page-Turner)

zero and agatha

52. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Wes Anderson does it again with this uniquely charming love story. Click over to check out our DIY of this costume. Whatever you do, don’t forget Agatha’s signature birthmark. And if you’re looking for a more mature couple, why not try Gustave and Madame D? (via Brit + Co)

ben wyatt and leslie knope

53. Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope: Parks and Recreation‘s Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope are a match made in heaven. Besides their initial dislike of each other, the two eventually came to be known as everyone’s favorite fictional couple. Really, who can deny how adorably awkward their relationship is? (via B Waterloo)

blades of glory

54. Blades of Glory: These arch-rivals-turned-BFFs take excellence to a whole new level. Once you and your partner got the in-it-to-win-it attitude down, you’ll both want to opt for the most flamboyant and outrageous skating leotards to complete this look. The flashier, the better! (via Gallery Hip)


55. Bob’s Burgers: Bob and Linda, everyone’s favorite burger-grilling couple, is just as easy to make costumes for. Throw on some aprons, a fake moustache for Bob and some red frames for Linda and ta-da! Both of you are good to start grillin’. (via Deviant Art)

bonnie and clyde

56. Bonnie and Clyde: This rebellious pair of lovers became the face of Depression-era America. To channel their iconic looks, color-coordinate with your partner in crime sticking to 1930’s fashion. Think business suit and modest skirt. (via @jillbenjamin23)

bullfighter and bull

57. Bullfighter and Bull: Olé! Your partner may be seeing red, but don’t worry, it’s a good thing. (via @peqchu)

burgandy and baxter

58. Ron Burgundy and Baxter: Go as America’s favorite news reporter and his beloved canine companion. (via @beccabuckeye)

bo and woody

59. Woody and Bo Peep: Toy Story isn’t the same for Woody without Bo Peep. But, Halloween’s all about making dreams come true. Kinda. (via @itsnoellebrown)

butterfly and catcher

60. Lepidopterist and Butterfly: That’s the official name of a butterfly catcher. Yup. Bonus point if you pronounce it right in front of your friends! (via Julie Ann Art)


61. Camp Counselors: Channel those childhood memories of summer camp for this duo. Tuck those tees into your pants, throw on sweatbands, grab some whistles and don’t forget to bring those preppy counselor attitudes with ya! (via Say Yes)

captain america and miss america

62. Team Captain America: Show off you and your partner’s patriotism with the good ol’ red, white and blue. (via @d.d.c.xox)

captain haddock and tintin

63. Captain Haddock and Tintin: Here’s another kind of Captain you can’t say no to. For the Capt., throw on a sweater with an anchor emblem and bring along a bottle of whiskey for the finishing touch. For Tintin, style your hair into a mohawk (if possible) and pair a white collared shirt with a bright blue sweater. (via @christineroscoe)


64. Waldo and Carmen Sandiego: If there was an award for most elusive couple, these two would win gold easy. (via Imageck)

cat and yarn

65. Cat and Yarn: For all our cat lovers out there, try out this playful look with your cat-lovin’ bf or gf. (via @nicole_selindh)

fireman and fire

67. Firefighter and Fire: WOW! You can say, it all started with a spark ;) (via @imajenation_)

cat litter

68. Cat and Litter Box: Looking for a challenge? Here’s one for the fearless couple. (via @kittenesgomeow)

milkshake and server

69. Milkshake and Waiter: Milkshakes do bring all the boys to the yard. (via Studio DIY)


70. Colonel Sanders and Chicken: That’s right. Colonel Sanders with a chicken. Say what? (via Classy Clutter)


71. Daria and Jane: The best friends who successfully taught us the meaning of teen angst. Grab your BFF for this fun team of two! (via Twitpic)

cat in the hat couple

72. Cat in the Hat: A childhood favorite, The Cat in the Hat also makes for an awesome couples costume. (via @bellafacefx)

egyptian queen and mummy

73. Egyptian Queen and Mummy: The Queen of the Nile will have nothing on you and your boo in this getup. (via @stylefromyelitza)

day of the dead

74. Dia de los Muertos: There’s something so beautiful and impressive about calaveras. Try out these calavera-inspired outfits and pair vibrantly painted faces with all-black outfits for that extra dramatic effect. (via Mooshuu/Flickr Creative Commons)


75. Deer Caught in the Headlights: Your S.O. isn’t the only one who’ll be caught in these headlights. Wowza. (via Costume Works)

dorothy and lion

76. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion: Hmm. This might not be how the real story plays out, but it still makes for a cute couple costume. (via @gisele)


77. Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane: Let the Halloween Hunger Games begin! We’re sure the odds will be ever in your favor for this one. (via Costume Works)


78. Cat and Laser Pointer: YES. Cat + Laser pointer = Dream come true. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

elsa and hans

79. Elsa and Hans: Any excuse to pretend we’re characters from Frozen is good enough. (via Greyloch/Flickr Creative Commons)

eternal love

80. Eternal Lovers: Show off that one-of-a-kind, eternal love with this zombie-meets-skeleton look. More like, ’til death do(n’t) you part. (via @mattgalizia)

farmer and chicken

81. Farmer and Chicken: Not all farm stories are predictable. Take Charlotte’s Web! Here’s another example of a farmer who fell for his livestock. (via @meredith_cad)

guys before fries

82. Fries Before Guys: Love it! Bring the saying to life with a full-on fry costume and a boy to stand next to the left of you all night. (via Studio DIY)

flo and jake

83. Flo and Jake: Your friends might not ever have to worry about insurance ever again knowing Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm have their backs. (via @emma_cronin)


84. Hipster Finn and Princess Bubblegum: Bring one of Adventure Time’s cutest couples to life with this fun look. (via The Vision Beautiful)

fresh prince and carlton

85. The Fresh Prince and Carlton: Bust a move in bright ’90s thrift finds with Carlton’s signature dance. (via Imgur)

forrest gump

86. Forrest Gump and Jenny: Go for these star-crossed lovers and don’t forget the running shoes. (via Mary Costa Photography)

George Michael Maeby

87. Arrested Development: If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you’re probably familiar with when George Michael crushes on his cousin Maeby. Well, now you can bring that awkward moment to life. What you and your partner will need are: khakis, pale yellow button-ups and Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand aprons. (via Friday We’re in Love)

farmer and strawberry

88. Farmer and Strawberry: Here’s a sweet couples costume that’ll have your friends berry jealous. (via Studio DIY)

gomez and morticia addams

89. Gomez and Morticia Addams: As dark and eerie as the Addams got, there’s one thing that was undeniable: Gomez and Morticia’s love for one another. Men, take out your black suits and pencil in a mustache. Ladies, cover up those arms and legs with a floor-length black maxi. (via Just Jodie)

grinch christmas

90. Grinch Stole Christmas: Here’s a couples costume you can bring back around for the holidays. (via @tayloreffy)

the notebook

91. The Notebook: Nothing says rom com quite like The Notebook. To get Noah and Allie’s look, pair your modest polka dot dress with his white button up and slacks. Add a beret for the finishing touch. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

gru and lucy wilde

92. Despicable Me: Opposites attract when longtime-villain Gru meets Agent Lucy Wilde. To get Gru’s look, pair an all-gray outfit with a striped scarf. For Lucy, a teal dress and a polka-dot scarf should do the trick. (via DT JAAAAM)

guess who

93. Guess Who Characters: Bring this beloved board game to life with cardboard cutouts and question mark t-shirts. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)


94. Thing 1 and Thing 2: If you and your BFF are joined at the hip, these Dr. Seuss characters might be perfect for you two. Blue wigs, red maxis and voila! That’s all you need for this simple and fun look. (via Brit + Co)

1940s iconic photo

95. Sailor and Nurse: If you’ve ever needed an excuse for showing your boo some PDA, here it is. A couples costume of this iconic image is sure to get smiles all around (and maybe some cheers). (via @nicollette210)

cheeta girls

96. Cheetah Girls: Let the animals in you both out with this trip to the wild side. Pair up with your BFF for this CheetahGirls-inspired look. (via @chachaa16)


97. Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz: Tim Burton can never do any wrong, Beetlejuice included. And if not for Winona Ryder, where would ’80s goth have been? (via @nishasanok)

american horror story

98. American Horror Story: Halloween just got a little freakier. If you’re into the dark and sinister realm of AHS, the conjoined Tattler twins and Twisty the clown might be right for your fright night. (via Costume Works)

adventure time bmo gmo

99. BMO and GMO: If you’re more into rainbows and butterflies and puppy butts, Adventure Time might be the way to go. BMO meets GMO is every techie’s cartoon dream come true. (via Heather Paul/Flickr Creative Commons)

beauty and the beast

100. Beauty and Beast: We’re totally diggin’ this creative spin. It’s like Disney princess meets Marvel X-Men. (via @siennamorris)

Which of these costumes will you and your S.O. try out this Halloween? Let us know, below!