Now that you’ve picked up the perfect ugly Christmas sweater based on your zodiac sign and chosen all the cutest accessories for your holiday bash, all that’s left to do is finalize your festive AF beauty look. Luckily, the next brow trend has arrived just in time to help you do just that: Enter Christmas tree eyebrows!

It’s been a pretty wild year for brow trends, so it’s only fitting that we cap it off with one final, super sparkly look to top them all. Dreamt up by Hong Kong-based beauty blogger Taylor R (who also hopped aboard the WTF nose hair extensions craze back in October), #ChristmasTreeEyebrows are statement-making, to say the least.

To achieve the unique look, the Canadian-native started by using a glue stick and a brush to alternate sections of her brows up and down, mimicking the shape of a sideways X-mas tree, with the top turned toward the inner corner of her eye. She then used nude concealer to shape the top of her tree, filling in any sparse areas with fake lashes.

With a little help from a tinted brown eyebrow gel, she drew on a “stump” before decorating her “trees” with little colorful gems which doubled as ornaments.

Finally, she topped off the eccentric style off with a gold star as her tree topper. When Tay’s boyfriend joked that “they don’t even light up!”, the adventurous beauty guru pulled out the big guns by blending in a set of LED eyelashes. After a few tries, they were set in place, lit up, and changing colors in time with her music.

The wacky trend instantly took off, making the rounds on Instagram with growing speed. Check out some of the best recreations below!

1. Classic beauty: When fellow beauty blogger Dawson Anderson tried the trend, he kept things simple (dare we say understated?!) by slightly fanning out his brows and applying minimal red and white jewels, plus the mandatory gold star.

2. Sparkle overload: British makeup lover Victoria took things up a notch by adding green sparkles all over her brows. She also opted to paint on her ornaments with sparkly shimmer rather than applying gems.

3. A star is born: If you’re looking to go even bolder, makeup rep Gabi has just the solution: Decorate your tree brows with oversized ornaments! Opt for different colors of gems, cover your brow with silver to add even more shimmer and top it all off with a HUGE star.

4. Seeing green: This French twist on the trend involved a whole lot of color, with some bright green colored “trees” from which to decorate this beauty maven’s brows.

5. Silver and gold: Vlogger Gina and Prince went all out for her recreation, throwing in presents, a gold coil, and hair-bow accessories to boot.

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(Photo via @taytay_xx)