11 Festive AF Christmas Makeup Looks to Kick Off Your Countdown
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11 Festive AF Christmas Makeup Looks to Kick Off Your Countdown

The best way to spread holiday cheer comes down to a few key categories —  a party-ready holiday dress, on-fleek festive shoes and, of course, a mad beauty game. Once you’re all decked out and looking fab in your holiday outfit, it’s officially time to take your seasonal look there with an over-the-top, out-of-control makeup look that screams, “‘Tis the season!” Scroll down for 11 festive AF holiday looks that instantly bring the cheer.

1. Ultimate Holiday Look: Meet the girl whose Christmas spirit rivals that of Buddy the Elf. From her candy cane lips and brows to the holly leaves painted on her cheek, this girl is READY. Who knew Christmas lights could double as a next-level eye makeup look?

2. Peppermint Candy Cane Eyes: Feast your eyes on the haute-est take on the candy cane liner trend we’ve ever seen. This Instababe lined her lower lids in festive magenta for a sultry spin on holiday makeup. Add snowflake-inspired shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes and boom — you’re ready to party!

3. Cherry Pie Pucker: Your eyes shouldn’t get to have all the fun, which is why we la-la-LOVE this kissable look for your lips in a bright cherry red. Go ahead and make your pucker as scrumptious as your favorite seasonal dessert for some smoochable lip art your S.O. will love.

4. Christmas Light Brows: Wait, is this a thing?! We were wowed by this intricate strand of Christmas lights wrapped around her brows like an actual garland. Don’t think for a second that we missed her enviable red-and-green glittered-to-perfection eyeshadow to complete her party look.

5. Grinch Eye Art: Every family has a resident Grinch. Why not make light of their grumpiness with some good old-fashioned holiday sass in the form of festive face paint? Try as they might, they won’t be able to hold back their smiles.

6. Frozen Eye Art: The frosted brows and icy blue eyeshadow in this look are the tip of the iceberg (literally) of what makes this look so fabulous. It looks like there’s a snow storm swirling around her eyes, complete with frosty white mascara and helix eyeliner FTW.

7. Santa Hat Brow + Frosted Liner: Put your artistic skills to work creating a miniature Santa hat that sits atop your eyebrow. Who wouldn’t love the frost-tipped cat-eye or the uber-red eyeshadow that takes this style over the edge?! Brownie points if you nail the cotton pom-pom on the hat.

8. Statement Eye: Festive red liner? Check. Shimmery silver shadow? Check. A Santa-approved statement to cap off your look? Done and done.

9. Candy Cane Corner: Could that little hanging candy cane dangling from the corner of her eyeliner be any cuter? The tiny holiday decal keeps things sweet and subtle without going over the top. Less is more, ladies.

10. Crimson Snowstorm: Opt for a sultry shade of crimson for an unexpectedly holiday-ready smokey eye. Add snowflake accents and thin lines of gold and silver to channel all the seasonal spirit.

11. Frosted Wonderland: When it comes to on-point festive makeup, you have to reach for the stars. The contoured look is complemented by vibrant blue eyeshadow with the cutest, tiniest Christmas tree painted on top.

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