Eyebrow styling has done a total 180 since we first set our eyes on Cara Delevingne’s signature bold set, with international MUAs testing new, head-turning trends all the time. (Um, braided brows — WTF?!) Forget what you thought you knew about the perfect set of arches and prepare to get schooled on everything eyebrows. Here are 11 viral looks, ranked from tamest to wildest.

1. Natural Brows: Props to the natural beauty movement for bringing ungroomed eyebrows back. For now, the cool kids are cancelling those wax appointments and putting the tweezers away for a fuzzy take on tame brows.

2. High Arch Microblading: We’re not gonna lie — the perfectly coiffed look that microblading provides is tailor made for epic selfies.

3. Carved Brows: M’kay… MUAs have been toying with above-the-eye contouring using colorful “brow-shadow.” Think of the extra bold carved look as the modern reinvention of the classic smokey eye — and a bold revamp to boot.

4. Helix Eyes: Creatively placed gems have stolen the sparkling thunder with helix-like designs that dazzle. This is not for the faint of heart.

5. Feathery Brows: Purposely spiked styles that feature a middle part have somehow come into the mix. Comb ’em outward for a full-on caterpillar effect.

6. Metallic Brows: Get ready to redefine glam courtesy of a style that refuses to be subtle. This edgy, rock ‘n’ roll design is the next level of brow-shadow.

8. Carved Rain-Brow: The negative-space design is fit for a unicorn IRL. Just make sure you choose the right venue for this head-turner.

9. Braided Brows: OMFG — we can’t even. This braided eyebrow was literally made using eyebrow extensions. Enough, already.

10. Barbed-Wire Brows: If you truly DGAF, barbed-wire brows are the most badass way to say it. Take your wiry little strands and put them to good use with a devil-may-care style.

11. Wiggle Brows: Guys, no. Squiggly toppers for your peepers are a little too much.

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