If you don’t know who explains it all, then you shouldn’t tell us because it will only make us feel old ;)

Aside from being one of the first tweens to make owning a computer seem really cool, Clarissa Darling seriously killed it in the style department. In fact, her mastery of pattern mixing and power clashing still totally slays us. So, it’s time to give Clarissa Darling her due. Here are 13 things she can (still) teach you about style.

1. Two Tone Denim is Real: How magical is this jacket? Where can I buy one?

2. Geek Chic is Timeless: Buddy Holly style glasses were cool in the ’90s, and they are totally back now. And we’re pretty into that embroidered peasant-style top as well.

3. A Good Headband is a Must: Bad hair day? Put a headband on it. This was Clarissa’s signature look, and matched her snarky attitude perfectly.

4. Your BFF Has to Be As Stylish As You: Your wingman, bestie or brother from another mother has to be as stylish as you. In fact, it’s best if you coordinate your neon Keith Haring tee with their neon tie-dye top.

5. Statement Hats Are a Thing: Your velvet, sequined and embroidered hat can still make a statement.

6. The Choker Never Left: Ferg creepin’ in the background, Clarissa on the computer and a choker that brings the whole scene together ;)

7. You Should Probably DIY Some Dinosaur Earrings: Wait a minute. We have a thing for mini dinosaurs too…

8. Polka Dots Are Always in Style: Always and forever.

9. The More Animal Print the Better: Okay maybe this lesson is more like a personal belief from me, but I think 9 out of 10 ’90s-obsessed thirtysomethings would totally agree.

10. Never Underestimate a Good Pair of Leggings: Leggings, combat boots and baggy shorts? Yes.

11. Floral Prints Go Perfectly with Thigh Highs: Angsty Clarissa was always our favorite one, and comes through perfectly in this baby doll floral top and bright red thigh highs.

12. Your Room Should Reflect Your Personal Style: Patterns, colors and craziness everywhere.

13. Sunglasses Complete Any Outfit: But you already knew that, right?

What was your favorite TV show growing up? Any other style icons we should pay homage to? Talk to us in the comments below.