You might be thinking, where does one find gold animal toys? Well, that’s where the first part of this project comes in. You’re going to make them! Then you’re going to turn them into wine stoppers, magnets, gift toppers, and more.

 gold spray paint

plastic safari animals

plastic dinosaurs

multi-surface glue

hot glue gun

magnet discs

mason jars

bud vases

– gift box

wine corks


wooden swizzle sticks

– wooden cubes

First off, you need to hit up the dollar store, toy store, or Amazon to stock up on little plastic safari animals, dinosaurs, and frogs.

To make our assortment of objects, we hit up our supply closet and pulled out clothespins, mason jars, bud vases, and all the other goodies on our materials list.

Spray paint those animals! Do one layer, let dry for 10 minutes or so and then rotate to paint the other side. This is also the time to paint any other objects you’ll be attaching the animals too. In our case, the only things we wanted to paint were the clothespins, mason jar tops, and wooden cubes.

In terms of glue, we used a serious multi-surface glue for things like the wine stoppers, thumbtacks, and magnets. Anything that needs to withstand pressure and being pushed and pulled needs to be attached with a strong adhesive. The rest can be attached with hot glue.

1. Wild Wine Stoppers: Perfect for party animals ;)

Use a strong glue to attach your animals to old corks. This is a really fun craft for a wedding or a great gift to go along with a bottle of wine. Let dry for 24 hours before using so that the toys and cork have fully bonded.

2. Pretty Push Pins: Add a little spice to your cork board with these sweet gold critters.

Glue thumbtacks to the back of each animal and let set overnight. Then use them to pin up postcards, photos, and invitations.

3. Jar Toppers: An oldie but a goodie in the world of Pinterest, we love this playful way customize mason jars.

Use hot glue to attach your animals to mason jar tops, and you’re done! Fill with buttons, balloons, or extra gold animals.

4. Bud Vase Beasts: What’s flora without fauna?

We used a couple leftover vases from our Gold-Dipped Ceramics project and added a different type of gold bling. Hot glue works fine for these but if you’re planning on using the animals as handles we recommend a stronger adhesive.

5. Desk Decor: Need a little buddy at your desk? Or just to keep your papers down when the window’s open?

Like the others, the steps here are… glue, let dry, and revel in gold animal goodness.

6. Clothespin Placecards: Perfect for a wedding or dinner party!!

The animals add a bit of weight to the bottom (or top) of the clothespin making it sturdy enough to stand, even with a piece of paper or photo clipped in.

7. Gift Box Topper: We’re all about unconventional gift toppers and gold animals are no exception.

We recommend using hot glue for this so that the gift recipient can easily pop the animal off in case they like it better than the gift inside ;)

8. Animal Magnetism: Got a magnetic inspiration board? Or a fridge in need of some love?

Glue magnets to your animals and pin up all of your favorite things… or your favorite paint chips.

9. Safari Swizzle Sticks: And last, another one for your favorite party animals!

Use hot glue to make these little darlings and you’re all set.

And there you have it: 9 fun things you can make with gold animal toys! Who knew these gilded critters were so versatile?

Have you repurposed toys into new things for your home or your dining table? Which of the projects above is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.