After years of going to school and killing it in the classroom, it’s time to celebrate all that hard work with a stylish symbol: your class ring. But sometimes — okay, most of the time — the class rings in those brochures just don’t cut it. Instead of settling for an overpriced piece you won’t actually wear, try a fashionable twist with an alternative, modern take on the class ring. Scroll on for 11 rings that you’re not just going to keep in your jewelry box after you graduate.


1. Obelus Ring ($98): This ring is out of this world with its brass band and blue sandstone, and will always remind you to shoot for the stars in your future endeavors. Bonus: Your teacher will give you an A+ for being too fashionable for school.

Arrow Ring

2. Arrow Ring ($5): Arrows symbolize direction and forward movement, which is exactly what you’re looking for, amirite? Go forward with your decision to make this beauty your post-grad ring.


3. Emerald, Opal + Diamond Ring ($295): Find a ring that matches your school colors in a style you’re more likely to rock regularly. (Hopefully emerald, opal and diamond are your colors ;) The gold band complements the stones and can easily be stacked with other minimalist rings.


4. Magic Forest Ring ($88): You might be saying so long to your woodsy liberal arts college, but you don’t have to put those days behind you forever. Keep in touch with Mother Nature by buying this branch-like ring. It comes in green amethyst or a blue topaz for a girly finish. Can’t decide which one you want? Buy both! You deserve it.

hex ring

5. UXO Hex Ring ($44): Give your BFFs some lovin’ by wearing this 18k gold-plated ring. Each side of this hex ring can represent one of your gal pals. While saying goodbye can be hard, at least you’ll have this ring to remember all the good times.

Bali caged

6. Bali Caged Ring ($58): Here’s another colorful accessory that could capture your school colors. Satisfy your inner wanderlust by wearing this three-band caged ring with center stones. It’s unique enough to turn some heads, and pretty enough for your classmates to ask where you got it. Make sure you buy this ring before your backpacking adventure through Europe.


7. Colored Jewel Rings ($18): Instead of going solo, snag a set and give one to a friend so you’ll remember each other foreverrrr. This colorful set is perfect for you and your BFF. No matter how far you guys move, this will always connect you to each other. In addition to Facebook, of course, but this is more stylish.


8. Battle Diagram Ring ($150): These charming ships and engraved wave pattern will keep you cheerful and holding steady, and will help you celebrate your ship finally sailing off into the real world.

Petra Gold

9. Petra Gold Plated Ring ($280): Start your new adventure on a positive note. This gem is known to harmonize positive and negative energy. Wear it for that job interview that you are totally going to score.


10. Flat Top Ring ($150): This simple ring has so many possibilities — you can engrave your graduation year, your alma mater’s name or even an inside joke with you and your besties. It’ll be a piece of jewelry you treasure forever.


11. Diamond Arrow Ring ($598): Okay, so it’s kind of a splurge, but can this ring be any more perfect? Its four black diamonds can symbolize the four years you’ve completed in school, plus an arrow to symbolize how you’re always moving forward. Anticipating the future never looked so chic.

What are you thinking of buying for your class ring? Tell us in the comments below!