We’re fascinated by the possibility of having healthy, pretty, and useful plants inside urban dwellings. We’ve found quite a few examples of fun and innovative ways to get some greenery in your home. But while we love indoor gardening, sometimes our thumbs are a little less green than we would like. On top of that, our busy schedules occasionally keep us away from home for extended periods of time… not ideal for keeping plants alive! Now, we just might have found our solution. Click and Grow is like an automated green thumb, in the form of smart technology.

Click and Grow has basically two components: the smart pot and the plant cartridge. The system is designed to deliver the right amount of water and fertilizer to your plant to make it grow optimally. Just put in some AA batteries and some water and voila! You’re on your way to sprouting some greenery. The plant will then be watered and fertilized without you doing just about nothing. You just have to refill the water once a month and replace the batteries once a year.

There are three varieties of categories of plant cartridges available: “Beautiful,” “Fast,” and “Useful.” This means that you can get flowers and other colorful varieties, quick-growing plants, or herbs and other edible plants. Most of the plants will start to sprout within one or two weeks so you’ll quickly have greenery in your space.

How amazing would it be to come home after a long weekend to gorgeous tomatoes, basil, and thyme?

Pretty pictures not enough? See the Click and Grow in action:

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