Summer breezes are heading this way, and we are craving some sand in between our toes and salt in our hair. Bring coastal style to your home with these beautiful decor ideas whether you live by the sea or just want to infuse some summer into your home all year long. With fresh pastel color palettes, natural textures like weathered wood and a nautical accent or two, your home will start feeling like summer vacation in no time.

1. The Oyster Catcher: Light wood is a perfect accent to coastal decor because of its gray undertones, rugged appeal and durability for all those family gatherings. Believe it or not, this pristine home in Cornwall, England is available to rent! So if you don’t have summer plans yet, we can’t think of a prettier place to stay! (via Desire to Inspire)

2. Coasting Along: The stainless steel of the desk is reminiscent of a glossy boat and we love the blown up, framed images of rippling blue water in this stylish workspace. (via Chic Coastal Living)

3. Lakeside Leisure: With a strong love of white, this lake home combines rustic wood and stone with crisp white decor for a French-inspired design. (via Atlanta Homes)

4. Beige and White: Although not overtly beach-themed, the weathered wood table and monochromatic palette give this dining room a definite coastal vibe. (via Style At Home)

5. Rock Me To Sleep: Nautical doesn’t mean that everything has to be blue and white. Au contraire! Adding accent colors like orange and turquoise will really make your color palette pop. (via BHG)

6. Nautical Kitchen: With white plank walls and lights that look like they are straight off a yacht, this clean kitchen is a glamorous version of the captain’s scullery. (via Style At Home)

7. Dash of Pink: Don’t be afraid to get girly with that nautical theme. Hot pink is the perfect complement to navy blue and those dyed pillows are just too perfect! (via Design Sponge)

8. Wooden Decks: Glossy marble sits on this vanity where the wood was lacquered similar to that of a wooden boat. (via Style At Home)

9. Stripes Ahoy: Nautical design is synonymous with stripes, so embrace them! Thick bold stripes, thin stripes, they all work together to create an effortless look. (via Desde My Ventana)

10. Modern Simplicity: For a modern take on the coastal theme, check out this monochromatic kitchen with sleek surfaces and gold accents. (via Home Adore)

11. Nordic Influence: While we tend to use weathered wood for coastal decor, the Scandinavians opt for darker wood accents like this seaside cottage in Denmark. (via Nordic Design)

12. Sail Away: Even with the ocean waiting, you might not be able to pull yourself away from this bathroom. We love the whimsical touch of the sailboat wallpaper. (via Elmueble)

13. Minimalist Lines: The open modular sofa lends this room a contemporary feel; part of the fun of coastal decor is getting to play with all those textures, like a natural fiber rug, rope chairs and twig sculptures. (via Olpos Architecture)

14. Seaside Living: A beautiful blue and white country style living room with rustic chandeliers and a driftwood coffee table make for chic beach living. (via Home Adore)

15. Teal Reflections: Using only teal, soft lilac, lots of white and silver, this glam home proves you can get the coastal look without a single navy stripe or sail boat. (via Decorette)

16. Bright and Cheerful: A more colorful, playful version of the nautical style with a geometric rugs that makes us think of sailing flags. (via Inspired By Charm)

17. Happy Vibes: Can you tell this home is next to a warm beach in Mexico? Lots of fun colors and angles make ultra modern home feel very tropical. (via Apartment Therapy)

18. Shabby Chic: Straight out of a story book, this cozy seaside home in England was inspired by French Provincial cottages and boasts eclectically leaning beams and charming bric-a-brac around every corner. (via Planete-Deco)

19. Dash of Lime: Lime green is one of those colors that just looks dynamite with dark blue. If you are going for a more tropical look in your coastal decor, then definitely try to include some bright green, turquoise and yellows. (via Concept Trends)

20. Isla Branca: We’d like to make this our vacation and never come back, pretty please. With natural elements and bright colors throughout the whole house, indoor-outdoor living happens effortlessly. (via Vision of Splendor)

21. Cool Blue Kitchen: Glossy tiles shine like mother-of-pearl in this fresh kitchen with bright yellow natural accents. The look captures the casual elegance of the Hamptons-style beach house but has a little bit of fun with turquoise lanterns. Check out the whole house for more gorgeous coastal decor inspiration. (via Ashley Whittaker Design)

22. Setting Sun: Paint your porch railing red, pile up the white and orange cushions, sip an iced drink and imagine yourself somewhere a salty breeze is blowing. (via Vision of Splendor)

Do any of these homes have you itching for some sea breeze? Let us know in the comments below!