Summer commandment: Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s flawless beach-waved coif. Nope, there’s no need to get yourself in a kink. We’ve come up with 10 hassle-free ways to twist, tame and tie your locks into beach worthy hair. On your next trip to the seaside, try out these hair hacks for fabulous summer strands.

1. Boho Braids: For gals with long tresses, here’s a creative way to show off a carefree and playful style. Keep things simple with one long braid or try multiple sections to sweep away locks, allowing the sunshine to kiss your face. (via All Women Stalk)

2. DIY Beach Waves in a Bottle: For those of us not blessed with natural curls, DIY your own beach waves with a simple concoction. This hack is so easy we refer to it as — A Day at the Beach. (via How Does She)

3. Kèrastase Spray à Porter ($18): Short on time for DIY beach spray? Be sure to pack this pre-made spray in your beach bag for natural and non-sticky waves. Note: This product contains UVA/UVB protection to save your strands from lackluster sun damage, too.

4. Heatless Headband Curls: Want to awake to beach wavy hair? Try this easy, breezy hack. All you need are an elastic headband, a few simple twists and a good night’s sleep. (via WikiHow)

5. Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins: If you were heading to summer camp with these bobby pins, you’d have the hottest hair accessories out there! Don’t hide your bobby pins. Let them show and share them with your friends! (via Goldfish Kiss)

6. Do the Twist: A twist on the conventional bun — weave a brightly colored scarf through your bun for creative flair. (via Beauty Riot)

7. Homemade Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask: Seawater, whipping wind, hot sun and sand can wreak havoc on your hair, but with two common ingredients you can go from lackluster to soft, shiny and healthy locks. (via The Every Girl)

8. Beach Hair Head Scarf: If your hair doesn’t take to salt water, we suggest tying your tresses into a patterned scarf for an easy and stylish updo. Fishtail side braid highly recommended. (via Beauty Sweet Spot)

9. Genie by Eugenia Kim Billie Wide Brimmed Straw Fedora ($90): A must-have accessory for all beach goers, protect your hair and shield your face from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping up with your stylish appearance.

10. T-Shirt Towel Swap: Don’t you dare use that beach towel to dry your tresses! Reach for your basic, cotton tee instead to save your hair from unwanted frizz. (via Michelle Phan)

Are there any beach ready hair hacks stowed in your beach bag? Fill us in the comments below.