We’ve shown you how to make your tiny bathroom look huge and how to take advantage of the space under your stairs. Now, we’re tackling space saving in a place where we love to eat, entertain and enjoy — the kitchen. We can’t do much about those have-to-have huge blenders, massive mixers and gigantic coffee brewers, but there are some tools that are willing to tuck away with ease. Check out these 13 collapsible kitchen items that will save you space and give you more room cupboard room.

1. Collapsible Eco Meal Kit ($15): The meal kit ensures your little one gets a well-balanced meal… it also fits nicely into your work lunch bag. This eco-friendly item contains three compartments, a spork and a condiment cup. Even better, it collapses to half its size when you’re done.

2. Chef’n SleekScrape Collapsible Scraper ($15): Attention, bakers: Here is the solution to measuring and transferring dough. This scraper can cut pastries and dough and transfer food easily. It carries one cup of any ingredient, and the blade also acts as a ruler. So talented this one.

3. Rabbit Space Saver Wine Rack ($13): Crafted out of steel and plastic, this wine rack holds up to six bottles and collapses down to one inch. Its adjustable size fits easily into shelves and freezers, which won’t have you wallowing and wishing for more room.

4. Collapsible Kitchen KlipScoop ($7): Measuring cups often take up room and can become a mess in the drawer. So get them out of there! The Kitchen KlipScoop acts as a two in one. Firstly, it’s a collapsible ½ cup and one cup measuring tool. When you’re not using it, don’t put it in the drawer; use it to close a bag of Pirate’s Booty. That’s right! It doubles as a chip clip! GENIUS!

5. Cutting Board With Collapsible Bin ($24): Chefs and aspiring cooks will rejoice when they get a load of this product. The sleek cutting board is made with non-skid material to keep your food in place and its trash bin on the side is perfect for keeping your chop clean.

6. Beater Whisk ($18): Beat it, old whisks. This innovative and simple whisk whips into action when the circular slider is pushed down. Though it easily fits into a drawer, you also have the option of hanging it by its top ring.

7. Menu Steam Tower ($110): Take your dim sum to the next level with this steamer. From fish to meat to veggies, the tower can be stacked and placed in the oven. Steaming your food also helps to preserve natural vitamins and minerals, so think of it as an investment in your health.

8. Nizor Scissors ($25): This scissor definitely beats out rock and paper. With an anti-slip rubber grip and stainless steel blades, these scissors don’t mess around. They can also be taken apart to become a paring knife.

9. Collapsible Dish Rack ($30): Take this dish rack inside or outside and pop it open for a quick wash. An angled tray at the bottom drains excess water, and the whole thing collapses down to two inches when you’re done. You’ll soon catch yourself singing while doing the dishes. Rack city, dish. Rack, rack city, dish.

10. Stash Bottle ($18): Ideally you take your water bottle everywhere with you, but you wish it wasn’t so big and bulky when you weren’t using it, right? Well, your wishes have been granted. Hydrapak introduces Stash bottle, which compresses after drinking. It doesn’t leak, it’s BPA and PVC free and it’s dishwasher safe.

11. Chef’n SleekStor Collapsible Colander ($10): Some colanders are too big and some colanders are too small, but this colander is just right. When in use, this product pops open to six inches and can hold up to 12 ounces. It collapses down to one inch when not in use.

12. White Collapsible Storage Box ($9): The description on the website says it all: “This baby doesn’t mind being put in a corner.” This storage box is easy to pop open and can hold up to 25 pounds. It comes in a wide range of colors like coral, mint and purple.

13. Collapsible Pet Bowl ($19): Say goodbye to puppy chow on the floor! This pet bowl can be rearranged into four different sizes and can hold up to eight cups of water. It won’t slide on floors and it’s eco-friendly.

Which kitchen items do you swear by as space savers? Let us know in the comments below!

(main image via Houzz)