Have you ever found yourself searching for the perfect place to snuggle up and read a book? Or maybe you’ve filled up every corner of your place and you still need more space. While it may seem impossible, we can think of one spot you probably haven’t looked. Under your stairs! You may need to put a hole in the wall or dust away the cobwebs, but there is plenty of space there, and here are 18 ways that you can fill it!

1. Kitchen Space: Don’t we all dream of a mint Smeg in our kitchen? And it’s displayed so lovely in a spot that’s practically built for it. (via One Kind Design)

2. Bookshelves: For those of us who can never have enough books, add even more bookshelves that mold against your staircase. (via Digresser)

3. Reading Nook: Encourage your kids’ love of reading by creating a prettily wallpapered nook just for them. Bring on the stacks of library books! (via Rambling Renovators)

4. Mini Bar: Just because you don’t have room for a bar cart doesn’t mean you can’t have your own mini bar. Utilize that space under the stairs and say hello to happy hour. (via Sweeten)

5. Office Space: Take your laptop and all that paperwork off the kitchen table and put it in your own little office nook. (via Thislewood Farms)

6. Stairs You Can Walk Under: If your house is arranged so you can create a walkway under your stairs, can we come over? (via Buzzfeed)

7. Secret Storage Hatch: Surprise company coming? No problem. Stash the clutter in a secret space. (via Leva and Bo)

8. Cozy Nook: It’s so nice to have a cozy space for you and your little ones for rainy day picnics and afternoon reading. Put some pillows under the stairs and let the snuggling begin. (via Urban Walls)

9. Pantry: Short on pantry space in your house? Put some shelves in and voila! Instant pantry. (via The Kitchn)

10. Bench: Put a bench in to make putting on those tiny buckle shoes a snap. Not literally, of course. (via Kojo Designs)

11. Drawers: It’s so easy to let our doorways become piles of shoes, pet leashes and baseballs. Keep the clutter under control by adding some drawers under your staircase for easy cleanup. (via My Home Ideas)

12. Bike Storage: Living in the city, being able to ride your bike around town is certainly a perk. But storing them can be killer. Make it easy and hang those wheels under the steps. (via Dwell)

13. Kiddie Coat Storage: Instill in your kids a sense of independence with their own space to hang up their coats. They’ll be so proud to say, “I did it all by myself!” (via Bare Wunderbar)

14. Doghouse: Want to give your pooch a cozy indoor place to hang out? Turn that empty space under the stairs into his own little house. (via C-Ville)

15. Craft Nook: Park your sewing machine and all your washi tape in a little spot just for crafting. Then all you need to do is get your makin’ on! (via Hus o Hem)

16. Entry Closet: Stretched for storage by your front door? Put a closet under the stairs so your coats have a place to hang out. (via Fresh Home)

17. Playhouse: Build this awesome house under your stairs for maximum child happiness. If you picnic in there, too, we won’t blame you. (via Mossy Mossy)

18. Packed With Pillows: Filling up the space under your stairs with pillows can create a comfortable space for reading the newspaper, talking to your mom on the phone or even working from home. And if none of those are things you do, it’s always a good go-to for napping :) (via SI Live)

Do you have an awesome space under your stairs? Tell us about it in the comments below!