Is it just us, or does it seem like there are a million birthdays in spring? Almost every day we’re celebrating the birth of someone at the office, so today we’re going to throw the most vibrant color blocked birthday party ever. From decor to food to activities, we’ve got ten tips to help you make your next bash the talk of the town.


1. Color Block Your Party: An easy way to keep your party looking sharp is to choose a color palette. Go with three colors for the color blocked look, and incorporate the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color to score some bonus points. Stick with your colors throughout the decor, buying plates, napkins, balloons and tablecloths in your palette.


2. Warm Up Your Table With Flowers: A vase filled with gorgeous blooms is always a great addition to any table scape. Take Blake Lively’s lead and head to the grocery store. Get a few bouquets that you can mix and match to create your own arrangement. Need some flower arranging tips? Check out our e-class.


3. Top Your Cake With A Garland: In our opinion, every birthday cake should have a festive topper. Add a DIY touch to the party by making a customized banner for the cake. Cut out small triangles, and either write or stick vinyl letters to each one. Tape it to some string and tie it to skewers.


4. Make Your Own Cocktails: Who doesn’t love to make their own drink names? Summon your inner mixologist and make drinks in your color palette. Add some blue curacao for a teal drink, cranberry juice for a red drink, and milk or egg whites for a creamy concoction. Name your drinks after the guest of honor, touching on his or her age or inside jokes. Remember that old college nickname? It deserves to be a drink name, right?


5. Keep The Party (Semi)-Healthy: Though we are full supporters of cake, it’s nice to add a healthy option for your party-goers. Provide fruit, salad and bite-size sandwiches for your guests to munch at the party.


6. Birthday Cake Celebration Chex™ Mix: In addition to your salads and sandwiches, serve something sweet. Combine frosting (yum), popcorn, sprinkles and Chex™ Mix to make this mouth-watering treat.


7. Make A Pixelated Photo Booth: Provide some activities at your party. The most obvious choice: a colorful photo booth. Create a pixelated backdrop in your color scheme using paper squares, and fill a box with props so your friends can get silly. Sailor hats + mustaches = the best!


8. Step It Up With Costumes: As a bonus, provide costumes from the decade the birthday boy or girl was born. Of course, we had to take some band member shots. How amazing are Ashley’s hops?! She is now known as David AshLEE Roth.


9. Sing Your Heart Out: Bring the party to life with DIY karaoke. Choose your favorite songs, make a playlist on your computer or phone and plug in a portable speaker. If you don’t have a real microphone, use a wooden spoon, a curling iron or a toy microphone to sing the night away.


10. Inflatable Instruments Are a Must: A microphone is an obvious necessity for karaoke, but we also think blow-up guitars and key-tars are an excellent addition. That way you can make an entire band with your friends, and more importantly, album covers :)

Which do you like best? What should we name our band?