Brightly colored, fun hair is not going away any time soon (especially not with epic hidden rainbow hair being a thing now), but what about if your mood changes and your suddenly bright hair isn’t making you happy?

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An alchemist hair technician (and IRL witch) has solved the problem we didn’t know we had by creating the world’s first hypercolor hair. Imagine! A mood ring for your tresses!

Hair genius Lauren Bowker came up with the idea of color-changing hair while studying the occult. Having always been into alchemy, witches, and the idea of mood rings, she took her actual scientific know-how and put it to excellent use: a semi-permanent dye that changes color depending on the temperature. The colors are nothing short of gorgeous and are giving us MAJOR summer hair goals.

Having created an entire brand of lifestyle items that change color depending on temperature, mood, pollution, and more, Bowker’s The Unseen is a UK lifestyle brand that combines easy-to-understand science with natural beauty.


In an interview with Dazed Digital Magazine, Bowker explained how she uses something called “data visualization” to explain science. “If I give you a jacket, put you behind a bus, and that jacket changes color to visibly show you the pollution that surrounds you at that moment, you’re really going to understand it and have more of a connection to it. The reason I use color a lot as a data visualization in materials that we’re familiar with is to allow people to see the bigger picture.”

The only bummer? There’s no word yet on how to get our hands on this hypercolor hair color as of yet, so we’ll just have to be patient — although you can check out these other products in the meantime!

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(h/t HelloGiggles, photo via Paper Boat Creative/Getty)