Who knew rainbow hair, the over-the-top style that swept through our Insta feeds this summer, could be totally HR-approved? We can’t help but gush about the incredible new hair trend that is blowing our minds with its cleverness. Unlike the fabulous ombre look, or even the super-trendy grombre, hidden rainbow hair fools us all by concealing the brightest and most daring hair color combos underneath your top layer of tresses. The end result? A full-on color spectrum that is tucked away from judgy HR-reps. So don’t be afraid to dive for the dye! We won’t tell a soul.

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Undercut #rainbowhair #greyhair 🌈💇🏼

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1. Hidden Undercut: There really is no better way to look super badass than with a fashion-tone undercut. This rad, shaved look will show off your creativity thanks to its unique design paired with show-stopping hues. Plus, if you don’t love the way the colors come out, you can always buzz the rest right off.

2. Cool Tones: One way to let you hair scream creativity is to opt for multiple colors in the same color family, like cool tones. The best part about these bright, dramatic shades of pink, purple, and blue is that they will look even better as they fade to pastels.

3. Rainbow Bright: This non-traditional rainbow layer is clearly anything but boring. Take a tip from this stylist who chose to braid the top layer back so that these bold shades are so visible they can’t help but make a statement.

4. Blues and Greens: Talk about baby blues (and greens)! This gorgeous display of cobalt, royal blue, ice blue, and teal is a treat to see underneath a head of brownish-red locks. Beyond being super trendy, these shades give off total mermaid vibes.

5. Spring Pastels: We’re drooling over pastel tones like the pink and blue in this ‘do. We really dig that this stylist mixed both pastel tones and those that are vivid to create a contrasted look that’s bold yet still hidden under the top layer of locks.

6. Shadowed Roots: Make the hidden hues look even more exciting with a shadowed root on your top layers. Doing this will instantly create more contrast in your hair look.

7. Hidden Rainbow Hair Prep: Here’s how it all begins. Our British friends (aka hair pioneers across the Pond) jump-started the trend-gone-nuclear by masking streaks of rainbow hair beneath a single shade on top. While the end result is undeniably stunning, watching the process is pretty fascinating too.

8. Pastel Rainbow: If you thought discretion was the only upside to a hidden rainbow, think again. This daring ‘do boasts an all-over cotton candy hue with the softest of pastel rainbow colors beneath. Now this is commitment.

9. Hidden Rainbow-Brite Bob: A blonde or bleached base results in some majorly popping colors, like this traditional red-to-purple Crayola-inspired ‘do. We’re loving how the vibrant colors here are daringly paired with an unconventional shape to her cut, creating an extra sassy hairstyle.

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Be the rainbow 🌈 #hiddenrainbow #rainbowhair

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10. The (Hidden) Rainbow Reveal: The half-up ‘do is the go-to hairstyle for the Hidden Rainbow. Once you let your hair down, the colors disappear and the party stops. Her natural chestnut tresses perfectly complement the long rainbow streaks for a truly stunning look.

11. Redhead Hidden Rainbow: Let the record show that any girls with copper-hued hair can definitely pull off the look. Plus, this is officially the snap of one of the very first hair pioneers to get the trend-gone-viral started. The bright, traditional colors of the rainbow contrast brilliantly against her natural red locks, making for one of the most over-the-top hidden rainbows we’ve seen yet.

12. Hidden Rainbow Ribbons: There’s something almost retro about the way the shades combine. This warm color palette creates yet another visually stunning look, as her hair falls like colored ribbons for an overall warm look.

13. Hidden Pastel Rainbow: Just as Skittles come in different flavors, so do the hidden multicolored spectrum looks. We think this might be the tropical smoothie edition, complete with peach and pineapple flavors. These shades also look gorgeous with her skin tone.

14. Fiery Hidden Rainbow Hair: First of all, we’d like to point out that we love the idea of using an on-trend braid to separate your hair. While her natural hair color makes up the braid, the beautiful shades of rich fall-ready hues are revealed underneath for a quartz-like blend of saturated pigment.

15. Subtle Hidden Rainbow Hair: Here’s the less risky way to take on this daring new style. Choose 2-3 of your favorite shades and have your colorist apply them to a mini-layer of face-framing strands in the front. These deep jewel tones look gorgeous next to her strands without stealing the show.

16. Prismatic Hidden Rainbow Hair: Wow. Just wow. We think we’ve found the perfect hairstyle and ROYGBIV pairing. The jewel-tones of this symmetrical style already look amazing, but the way she threads the strands of colored hair into her fishtail braid is unreal. The overall picture is one of a kind.

17. Cool-Hued Hidden Rainbow: This is another symmetrical look that uses an across-the-head braid to form a distinct boundary between the natural and dyed hair. We’re so impressed with the hairstyle that we almost forgot to mention how gorgeous the colors of the spectrum are. Unicorn, much?

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「Tropical Twist」 『Flash back』

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18. Not-So-Hidden Rainbow: This bobbed look barely tries to conceal the color, which is why we love it. The majority of her hair makes up the rainbow, with just a splash of her natural blonde blending the colors and softening the look on top. The style is completely amazing and anything but subtle.

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#hiddenrainbowhair 💙

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19. Hidden Neon Rainbow Hair: Here’s a hairstyle for the truly daring. She’s chosen a soft blue statement-making all-over hair color with an actual neon rainbow beneath. This is a look that will never lose its shock-value and is perfect for those of us who aren’t afraid of the spotlight.

20. Pastel-Streaked Hidden Rainbow: There’s something so fall-ready about the darker shades of pastels that make up this hairstyle’s streaks. Unlike some styles that prefer a more distinct separation between shades, this look showcases how to blend the colors.

Have you seen any Hidden Rainbow hairstyles we missed? You’ve got to let us know on Pinterest if you have!