When it comes to spring, we love adding color to just about every occasion, especially Easter. But, such celebrations always come with the dreaded cleanup, from paint splatters to bad (egg) dye jobs, with a little of everything in between. This year, we decided to create a set of baskets to last way beyond Easter for a more versatile project.

We admit, this project definitely got a little messy — but isn’t that the fun part?! And, thanks to Method, our official partner in cleaning, we were able to clear the paint splatters off our worktable (as well as our brushes and hands, of course!) in a flash. After all, sometimes it’s the messiest messes that yield the most colorful, fun and lively results. See how this mess turns into chic, festive baskets by following the tutorial below. And stay tuned for even more happy messes as part of our Clean Happy series with Method! :)

 – straw baskets

– acrylic paint

– optional: Easter grass and easter eggs

 – painter’s tape

– paint brushes

Method Dish Soap (to clean brushes)

Method Foaming Hand Wash (to clean hands)

Method All-Purpose Cleaner (to clean worktable)


1. Use painter’s tape to tape off a pattern. We did a couple that were color-dipped and a couple with patterns.

2. Paint! You may need two coats. Let dry for an hour.

3. Peel off the tape and revel in your colorful handiwork.

4. Clean up your mess!

For materials, we picked up a couple regular baskets and a springy color palette.

Don’t forget those cleanings supplies. Amazingly, Method’s All-Purpose Cleaner wiped the paint right off our worktable. Woot!

First up, get your materials prepped. Use painter’s tape to tape off part of your basket. Squeeze acrylic paint into a mason jar or plastic cup.

Paint! Depending on your paint, you may need to paint two coats. We recommend letting this dry for at least an hour.

Then, peel off that tape.

We did the same process with a darker basket with a pop of teal paint.

And a couple more light baskets.

Now, time to tidy up.

You can use Method All-Purpose Cleaner to clean the acrylic paint off your workspace.

And Foaming Hand Wash to get that paint off your hands! We also used Dish Soap to clean our brushes.

All clean! Now, let’s add a little Easter cheer to these baskets :)

What Easter decor are you making this year? What’s the messiest project you’ve ever made? Talk to us in the comments below.

This series is a collaboration with Method.