This British Bride’s Watercolor Wedding Dress Will Make You Swoon
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This British Bride’s Watercolor Wedding Dress Will Make You Swoon

Rain on your wedding day is every couple’s worst nightmare. That is, unless, you’re Anne and Patrick, who didn’t let some drizzly England showers put a damper on their festivities. In fact, the little bit of rain made the couple’s colorful DIY decor and truly unique fashion choices pop all the more. Looking to incorporate some fun, festive fashion and decor into your own wedding? Take a page out of Anne and Patrick’s book.

1. Vibrant Veil: This electric blue veil was perfect for a beautiful, eclectic bride. We love how this shocking color makes a traditional bridal accessory totally modern. The best part? Anne made the birdcage veil herself! Using vintage veil material, Anne measured from ear to ear, cut the veil to the correct length and then secured the veil material to two bobby pins with a few stitches. Any DIY project that yields high-impact results through a few simple steps gets an A+ in our book.

2. Watercolor Dress: Anne’s incredible choice of wedding gown is what colorful wedding dreams are made of. The dress was custom crafted by the incredible Chrissy Wai-Ching Leung for her eco-friendly line Wai-Ching, which is based in Seattle. Anne sent Chrissy a photograph of a sunset behind Table Mountain in South Africa — where Anne grew up — and Chrissy drew inspiration from the pic for the dress’s vibrant colors.

3. Dapper DIY Accessories: Anne got crafty when it came to the groom and groomsmen’s cravats. Using an ice-dyeing technique (which, yes, involves actual ice), she hand-dyed each silk cravat and pocket square for a super groovy look. We think Anne’s colorful creations popped especially well against the groomsmen’s sharp black suits.

4. Joyful Tunes: The easiest way to DIY your wedding music? Have all your best buds perform! Anne and Patrick are blessed to have quite a few musically inclined friends — including a saxophonist —who played a tune or two at their wedding. Having friends contribute to the music made the couple’s shindig feel much more intimate and personal than just a DJ or pre-selected playlist.

5. Pretty Paper Stars: Neither Patrick nor Anne were big on flowers, so they wanted to find an alternative way to add fun and color to their reception tents. Anne’s solution: These adorable five-pointed paper stars, which she hand-folded herself. Anne hung garlands of the stars along the tent’s edges for a festive look. Plus, folding the stars herself meant she could pick out any color paper she wanted. We think Anne’s stars perfectly complement the colors of her outrageously gorgeous dress.

Here they are sneaking a kiss or two among the garden hedges to celebrate their nuptials. Congrats, Anne and Patrick!


Photography: Scuffins Photography

Caterer: The Wild Oven

Stretch Tent: Free Stretch

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