Classic children’s decor is usually simple, sturdy, and durable. After all, if they’re likely to draw all over it, grow out of it, or smear a diaper on it, how much do you really want to invest in it? Before you settle for a look that’s more doctor’s waiting room-esque, take a look below at the bright, beautiful, and color-filled takes on kid spaces. They’ll have you going beyond the basic rocking horse and curating a unique, Pinterest-worthy room for your sweet little babe.

1. Rainbow-Inspired Gallery Walls: Ditch the bunny prints and go for every color in the rainbow. A bold and tactile wall will keep their attention while you’re changing a diaper. (via Studio DIY)

2. Mix-and-Match Textiles: Ditch the matching bed sets and layer in colors, patterns, and more with textiles. The busier the pattern, the less likely it is to show those mystery stains. (via Mike Baker Photography / Homes to Love)

3. Twinning: With a second bed, you’re ready for a sibling, a sleepover, or visiting family with cousins. Just have fun with it by adding color, and pray your child doesn’t hide snacks under the other bed’s duvet. (via Lay Baby Lay)

4. Rainbow Patterns: Instead of using the literal version of this kid-friendly staple, opt for a quilt, bookshelf display, or library. Things you can pop in the wash are usually better. (via French Blossom)

5. Piñata Rocking Horse: Every day is a party with this reinvented classic. There’s just something undeniably fun and #extra about a piñata rocking horse. (via Squirrelly Minds)

6. Oversized Art: When you don’t exactly have enough space for a gallery wall, opting for one large work will simplify things. Take things up a notch with a punchy and bold modern print. (via House of Jade Interiors)

7. Toy Cars: Not looking forward to stepping on matchbox cars and mini trucks in the middle of the night? Incorporate them into the art and save the real thing for the playroom. (via Leslee Mitchell Photography / One Kings Lane)

8. Bring on the Green(ery): If you were a plant mommy before you became a real mommy, you can (and should) add that green touch to your kiddo’s room. Pair with a cheeky planter, books, and some figurines for a sweet library style. (via The Home I Create)

9. Functional Storage: You can never have enough storage options, but they should be a little more exciting than canvas boxes and totes. Grouping items into collections will help you create order (and killer #shelfie). (via Clay Austin Photography / The Glitter Guide)

10. Action Figure Decor: Take photos of your kid’s faves and frame them as art for the perfect mix of stylish and playful. (via The Makerista)

11. Safari Themes: You can’t really go wrong with lots of stuffed animals pulled from literary classics, but you need something to make it look cohesive. Opting for a large print will help unify the theme. (via Anne Hepfer)

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