Nowadays, parents are stepping up their decor game and picking out furniture and furnishings for their kids that look better than the pieces in their own bedroom. As a result, kids’ rooms aren’t just “cute” — they’re everything from boho-chic retreats to modern minimalist decor. You might think it would be hard to keep up with the trends, but this list of kids’ rooms says otherwise. Scroll through for some major decor inspo to get ideas for your own kid’s room makeover. Filled with stylish wall decals and playful decorative accents, these 24 creative kids’ rooms are spaces that even grown-ups can appreciate.


1. Watermelon Walls: Keep some of that childish whimsy in play with watermelon decals. It’ll help you show off deliberate design by playing up the watermelon theme with other furnishings, while still allowing for that child-like wonder. Play up the theme with a watermelon throw pillow, and pull the colors in to play with a pink + green combo from the nightstand and lamps. (via Chango & Co.)


2. Mix ‘n’ Match: Don’t be afraid to mix it up with multiple patterns. If you use a similar color palette, the contrasting patterns can often complement one another. Take this room for example: Though it experiments with stripes and plus signs, it creates a cohesive look by maintaining a color scheme of black, white and yellow. (via Chango & Co.)

3. Zig-Zags and Chevron: A half-painted wall is a great way to give your child’s room a unique twist — especially if it ends in a *mountain* of color. Coordinate the wall’s zig-zag pattern with some chevron patterned sheets and geometric accents.

4. Into the Wild: If your child loves adventure and playing pretend, give them the perfect bedroom for their free spirit. Think: forest green and animal print. Your child will go wild over this look.

5. Pops of Neon: Make every day feel like a party with bold pops of neon. With a bedroom looking this bright, you can’t help but feel energized to play!

rogue built playhouse

6. Corner Playhouse: Give your little one a playhouse of their own, whether it’s covered with fun textiles or just provides a frame for their imagination. Dress it up by throwing on some string lights and festive garlands. (via Design Milk)


7. Black + White: A black and white interior instantly elevates any given space. Just make sure everyone knows to drink pretend tea if they’re playing tea time, in case of spills ;) Pinkies up! (via Chango & Co.)

8. Plenty of Cushion: When it comes to making an ultra comfy bed, there’s no such thing as too many throw pillows. Give your child’s bed an extra heaping of coziness with plush pillows that’ll help tie the look of the whole room together.

9. Black + Blue: Go big with the wall decor. Framed prints, display shelves and wall decals create this wonderland of quirky and playful decorations any munchkin can appreciate.

10. Floral Mural: This gorgeous painting of flowers isn’t just for kids — it would look just as fantastic in any other part of the house. Give the creative spirit in you a chance to let loose with a DIY mural project both you and your child will love. (via @petitevintageinteriors)

11. Play Up a Plain Bed: Got a plain, white bed frame that needs some primping? No problem. Throw on some bright garlands, decals and hangings for color. Colorful pops in the pillows can pull inspiration from books, toys or even wall hangings.

12. Pretty in Pink: Give the pink-obsessed child the room of their dreams with a palette ranging in peachy and pure pinks. Offset the rosy shades with a simple non-pink wallpaper.

13. Pink + Gray: Combining gray with pink gives the rosy hue a more subtle look. Pink plays well with almost any other color, so keep the walls and furniture neutral to allow for a few accessories to swap in.

mountains chalkboard boys room

14. Adventure Awaits: For most kids, their bedroom is also their playroom. Create the perfect landscape for their wild imagination with a chalkboard wall where they can plot out their next adventure, and a tent set up for their campfire escapades. (via The Animal Print Shop)

15. Colorful Wall Hangings: Bet you’ve never seen mobiles like these before. Trade traditional kiddie mobiles for a colorful tissue honeycomb ball with bright tassel garlands.

16. Ice Cream: Draw inspiration from your child’s favorite icy treat, like this room inspired by ice cream. Let those mint, strawberry and chocolate flavors find their way into everything, from the wall color down to the sheets.

17. Fruity Furnishings: Give your child a subtle reminder to eat their fruits and vegetables. Find items that fit the theme and integrate them into the mix, like this room that has pops of fruit-inspired knick knacks here and there.

18. LEGOs + Emojis: Combine two of your kid’s favorite things together, like this Lego + Emoji room, for a one-of-a-kind bedroom that they’ll love. Bring in fun pillows, nightstands — whatever you can find to get creative.

gold unicorn girls bedroom

19. Unicorns + Pink: You want to bring their fairytale dreams to life but maybe you’re worried they’ll outgrow their room’s decor. Instead of decorating their entire room and redecorating it every few years, opt for a few playful accents, like the gold unicorn and firefly lights, while keeping the rest of the room relatively neutral. (via House of Jade)

giant bird painting girls room

20. Cuckoo for Color: Go bold with the bright colors of the tropics — even throwing a tropical bird into the mix for good measure. To avoid having too much of one color, offset the walls and carpet with accents in another shade. (via House of Jade)

21. Dots on Dots: Your kid wants to rock everything polka dot: clothes, shoes and bedsheets. So don’t stop there — slap the dotted pattern on the walls to keep the fun look spot on.

domino magazine giraffe bunkbed

22. Bohemian Baby: Upgrade your child’s bed panels like this creative parent did using scraps from floral wallpaper. If the bed frame has the space to allow it, add a little shag carpet and comfy pillows underneath, then throw up some curtains for a cozy hideaway. (via Domino)

23. Plywood Play: Plywood is one of the most affordable materials to work with, which leaves plenty of room for imagination when you’re revamping a child’s bedroom. Take a note from this room and put up an entire plywood wall, adding peg holes for shelves.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

24. Stuffed Animals: Let’s be real, your child’s stuffed animals rarely ever make it into their toy boxes. Instead of hiding toys away, use them to decorate the space. Some can keep the pillows company, while others hang out on the bookshelves. (via The Animal Print Shop)

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