Organizing your home can be a mundane task, but not when you invite pops of color into your home with your storage bins. We found 16 fun ways to make your home more colorful and creative that are all functional, too. Now the only challenge will be picking a color palette.

1. Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jar ($12): Stash makeup brushes or cotton balls in your bathroom in this delicate, yet neon, glass jar.

2. Blue 3-Tier Rolling Cart ($35): Whether you use it in your pantry to store food, or in your living room to store DVDs and magazines this cobalt cart is a guaranteed bright spot.

3. Threshold Stoneware Serveware Collection ($11-$18): Brightly colored lids and chalkboard labels? Sign us up!

4. Veggie Picking Basket ($58): Use these colorful wire baskets to store extra towels in your bathroom or root vegetables in your cupboard.

5. White + Red West 18th File Cabinet ($190): Make sorting through bills, warranties, and other important documents more fun with this cherry red cabinet.

6. Magical Thinking Geo-Tinted Jewelry Box ($50): Your jewelry has never looked better than when displayed in this fun geometric jewelry box.

7. On the Grid Nightstand ($99): Another great steal from the kids, this nightstand can stash books and your alarm clock, plus cables and cords thread easily through the grid.

8. PS 2012 Drawer Set ($45): Come up with fun configurations for these colorful drawers on your desk or dresser to stash all those little odds and ends.

9. Corner Store Record Rack ($59): Display the tunes currently in rotation with this yellow rack. If you don’t have a record collection, you can always use it to stash magazines as well.

10. Branch Weave Storage Bins ($18): We want to buy these little bins just for the color name. Luminous coral sounds like it would be a good nail polish color, too.

11. Array Yellow Bookcase ($160): This spine-only bookcase is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your library.

12. RASKOG Kitchen Cart ($50): This turquoise kitchen cart is just what you need to keep things organized. Plus, you can move it around your space to keep things at hand—or get them out of the way.

13. Bright Stockholm Magazine File ($8 each): If your bookcase is looking a little blah, pump up the color with these bright magazine files.

14. Stackable Brite Basket ($29): Use these colorful wire baskets to stash craft supplies or extra towels in your closet or magazines, newspapers, and mail in the living room.

15. Slim Lacquer Jewelry Box ($24): Keep your jewelry collection colorfully contained with these glossy boxes. Would it be too much to have one in each color?

16. Wicker Stackable Bins ($45-$49): If you like the look of natural materials but want more color, these wicker bins a perfect for you. The color combinations are endless!

How do you add pops of color to your home? Tell us in the comments!