When you’re a kid (and a parent), keeping that room in order isn’t easy. Every parent knows all too well the frustration of wading through a river of kid stuff in an attempt to make some sense of the chaos yet again. If you’re overwhelmed by frantic, early-morning hunts for matching shoes or are tired of stepping on sharp-edged little toys, you know it’s time to conquer the clutter. But those hideous plastic bins and overpriced storage cubicles? No, thanks. Kids’ rooms shouldn’t be boring and plain, because your kids definitely aren’t. It’s time to try some genius new ways to give your kid’s room a bit of order and style. Scroll on for some cool, colorful ideas to help transform that disaster space into a bright and organized spot he or she will actually want to play in again.

no closet closet

1. The “No Closet” Closet: Get rid of that closet… just kidding. But why not mix things up a bit? Dark, cramped closets are the perfect space to store things your little one isn’t always using. This setup on the other hand keeps clothes easily accessible and on display. (via Glamour)

chalk drawers

2. Label Drawers With Chalk: When everything has a place, kids can find what they’re looking for and put things exactly where they belong. Trust us; this chalkboard paint dresser will make your life simpler. (via Apartment Therapy)

kids plywood storage

3. Decorating With Plywood: Plywood is such an affordable material to work with, and can serve as a great display piece for kids’ stuff. Use your imagination and get crafty with this idea — the possibilities are endless. (via Handmade Charlotte)

kids wardrobe makeover

4. Wardrobe Upgrade: Don’t have a closet? This solution keeps clothing clutter to a minimum. You’ll find no ill-fitting or out-of-season garments hiding out in a dark corner of this closet space. (via IKEA)

crate styling

5. Styled Crates: Ditch the bookcase. We’re in love with this idea of using stacked, styled crates to store and display books, toys, pillows, and more. (via Project Nursery)

rolling kraft kart kids

6. Rolling Cart Craft Storage: Corral your wee one’s craft supplies with the help of a handy cart. It keeps all those creative small items contained and easy to transport from one room to another. (via Petit and Small)

locker storage

7. Locker Storage: Use a brightly painted locker. It’s like a vintage art piece that doubles as storage. (via The Lily Pad Cottage)

toys shelving

8. Shelves for Unlikely Toy Lineups: Toys just don’t belong in a box. Keep your kiddo’s favorite action figures and cars easily accessible by lining them neatly on shelves. (via Oh Happy Day)

crate shelving

9. Crate Shelving: Mounted crate shelving gives toys a home and keeps them off the floor. Plus, your need for wall art is totally covered. (via Hus & Hem)

tool chest toy storage

10. Tool Chest Storage: Conquer the LEGOs and all other tiny toy clutter with a tool chest. Those long, shallow drawers are the ideal size for rummaging to find that one special piece. (via Life in an Orchard)

fabric wall

11. Fabric Wall: Organizing doesn’t always come in the form of rearranging. Sometimes all a room needs is a little pep. Try a DIY fabric wall to perk up an otherwise neutral space and it will encourage better organization. (via Young House Love)

cloud shelving

12. Cloud Shelves: Not exactly practical if you need a ton of storage, but they’re oh-so cute and that’s what counts. (via Mommo Design)

net stuffed animal storage

13. Hanging Net for Wrangling Stuffed Animals: No matter how many stuffed animals you drag away to the recycling bin or the donation center, more will magically appear. Wrangle all those stray fluffy toys with a net. (via ES Design)

kids craft area

14. Pegboard Craft Area:Pegboards — they’re not just for the garage anymore. They’re a storage classic because they’re cheap, easy to install, and just an all-around great solution. Outfit the pegboard with hooks and baskets, then fill the containers with all the crafting goodies needed to keep little hands busy. (via A Cup of Jo)

laundry rack storage

15. Painted Laundry Rack Clothing Storage: Organize outfits for an entire week or just keep clothes on a rack so the little people in your home can easily access them. So clever. (via The Lovely Life)

paint can storage

16. Paint Can Kid’s Desk Storage: Pretty and eye-pleasing, these upgraded paint cans keep pencils, papers, and other knickknacks off your kid’s desk. Talk about a fun way to conquer desk clutter. (via Rafa Kids)


17. Storage in Every Nook and Cranny: Take advantage of every space that doesn’t already have a purpose. This corner wall made the perfect spot for a cute li’l DIY rope shelf. (via HoneyBear Lane)

18. Pops of Color: This gray bookcase is anything but basic with the addition of pops of color. Include cloth cube organizers and bright toys and books to get the look. (via Honest to Nod)

19. Everything Has a Place: It’s easy for clothing and accessories to get lost in a little girl’s closet. But adding simple, small plastic containers to the wall makes it a piece of cake to keep those smaller things in one place. (via Reality Daydream)

20. Pastel Dreams: These pastel toy organizers could actually make organizing toys fun. With a variety of bin sizes, there’s space for everything from the tiniest trinkets to fluffy stuffed animals. (via Wayfair)

21. Honeycomb Storage: Wall mounts are way more interesting with these honeycomb-shaped wall shelves. Get creative with the arrangement for your little honey bee. (via Land of Nod)

22. Bowtiful and Elegant: Sometimes we can use truly unexpected items for cute and creative storage. Case in point? This repainted cupcake stand. (via Project Nursery)

23. Hang ‘Em High: Hanging storage can look dull, but these DIY hanging crates are anything but! And you can customize them to match your existing room decor. (via Table and Hearth)

24. By the Bucket: Take one of your kiddo’s favorite beach toys and turn it into a super original storage solution. These simple yet colorful sand buckets are great for storing small toys. (via AL.com)

25. Clearly Organized: Have a child who loves things with lots of little pieces? A hanging jewelry holder with clear compartments will make it easy to keep track of where everything is. (via Apartment Therapy)

26. Jungle Love: This adorable jungle-print bench provides a place to sit and a receptacle for storing toys or books. It’s always better when something can do double duty! (via Land of Nod)

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(Additional reporting by Sa’iyda Shabazz)