The one nice thing about summer (besides getting your tan on) is stocking up on your sunglasses collection. There is no way you can have just one pair when you鈥檝e got #flawless outfits to rock before summer is officially over. While we love our dramatic black frames, we鈥檙e sharing the best, most colorful sunglasses that鈥檒l brighten up any hot and humid day.


1. The Hanoi Weekend Sunglasses ($58): These color block lenses are too cute to say no to. Once you buy them, they鈥檒l be your go-to accessory for all your weekend activities.

Pixie market

2. Maya Daisy Whiddy Sunglasses ($16): Say hello to your fave festival accessory. Flirt the night away with these white daisy frames and mirrored lenses.


3. Rays Me Up Sunglasses ($20): These baby blues are delicate but fierce. Pair them with a chic white dress and a wide-brim hat for a fun brunch date.


4. Kitti Sunglasses ($40): The UFO has landed and brought these glasses to Earth. We love how the alien-like color and pointed frames work together. They are definitely out of this world.


5. Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses ($21): Nothing is ever wrong with adding neon to your wardrobe. Get really bold with this cat eye pair the next time you head out.


6. 50mm Retro Sunglasses ($38): Everyone needs an ombre pair of sunglasses in their stash. These colors are perfect to bring on your next beach adventure with your girls.


7. Komono Lulu Crystal聽Sunglasses ($60): We can鈥檛 get enough of how chic these pink glasses are. Who wouldn鈥檛 want to see through rose-colored lens?


8. Kosha Sunglasses ($45): These bright accessories are a winner for our eyes. Protection never looked so good.


9. 鈥80s Color Splash Wayfarer Sunglasses ($10): We live and breathe color, so of course our shop is full of bright sunnies that will easily send you back to the 鈥80s.


10. Spitfire Teddy Boy Sunglasses ($39): We love how the blue lens and semi-transparent orange color complement each other so well. Orange is the new black, y鈥檃ll.

classic ava

11. Classic Aviator Sunglasses ($10): No one will mess with you when you鈥檙e wearing these kick-ass aviators. Whoever said purple meant royalty was completely right.


12. Delilah Sunglasses ($50): These have Malibu written all over them. With a permanent sunset in your lenses, you鈥檒l be in paradise everywhere you go.


13. Mirrored聽Sunglasses ($6): These are dying to be in the sun. Pair 鈥檈m with a bold lip for some major wow factor.

kelly metal

14. River Island Kelly Metal Rim Ombre Sunglasses ($24): Go right 鈥檙ound with these colorful frames that are easy to pair with any outfit. Isn鈥檛 that what we strive for?


15. Spitfire Teddy Boy Two Sunglasses ($39): These babies are chic and cool all in one. Grab 鈥檈m and go on a grand adventure.

triple mirror

16. Trip Marble Mirror Square Sunglasses ($14): If a badass unicorn could wear any type of sunglasses, these would be it. Your day will turn right-side up with these party-perfect accessories on your face.

tinted round

17. Tinted Round Glasses ($5): The price of these bold red glasses is a perfect match for your wallet. We always love a good sale.


18. Jeepers Peepers Round Metallic Sunglasses ($29): You really can鈥檛 go wrong with metallic sunglasses. Especially when they have green handles and brightly colored lenses.


19. Chunky Kitten Sunglasses ($22): If green is your favorite color, then wear these guys all day. The semi-transparent mint frames work so well with the gradient purple lenses.


20. Naked Eyes Sunglasses ($80): You don鈥檛 need to be naked to wear these sunglasses. With a cat eye finish and bright pink lenses, you will feel like a Hollywood retro goddess.

What are your go-to sunglasses for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!