Hey, no need to feel any FOMO this season when you’ve got Netflix. After all, TV makes you smarter, right? This being autumn and all, it’s staying-in-and-out-of-the-cold season. What better way to do that than by snuggling on the couch and watching a movie or binge-watching an entire season of a TV show? With over 50 titles being released in the month of November, Netflix has options to keep you occupied. Since the holidaysare right around the corner, there are a few choices that make this month’s list that will get you into the festivities :)

Originals Coming to Netflix in November


Making good on their promise to release a Netflix show every six months, Marvel is serving up season one of Jessica Jones (11/20), a new series starring Krysten Ritter as an ex-superhero with a past. Also, Aziz Ansari stars in the comedy Master of None: Season 1 (11/6) as a 30-year-old actor in New York trying to figure out his life.

Check out John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid (11/13), a comedy special, if you’re looking for a laugh (or 10.) Brand new sketch comedy series With Bob and David: Season 1 (11/13) also promises to be a riot. Another original called Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1 (11/1) that’s about a deposed princess, with the help of evil knights, fighting her way back to her throne — which sounds like Daenerys Targaryen if you ask me.

If you’re in the mood for thrillers and mystery, check out River (11/18) featuring the inimitable Stellan Skarsgård as a detective tormented by the deaths of his partner. Of course, there’s also a new kid’s option as well: Care Bears & Cousins: Season 1 (11/6) revisits the beloved bears and their adventures.

Movies Coming to Netflix in November


It’s totally cuffing season, so let’s jump in with one of the greatest romances (and tragedies) of all time with Anna Karenina (11/12) with Keira Knightly as a the title character. Indie dramedy The Last Time You Had Fun (11/1) is about four dysfunctional adults trying to figure out love and their lives. There’s also straight comedy with People, Places, Things (11/15) starring Flight of the Conchords’ Joel Clement as a newly-single father.

Also dropping are couple of documentaries like Kurt Cobain documentary Soaked in Bleach (11/15), a behind-the-scenes look at Raf Simons’ turn as artistic director at Dior in Dior and I (11/14), Do I Sound Gay? (11/3) — a fascinating look at voice inflection and sexual orientation.

We know Halloween will be over in all, but in case you still want to spook yourself, consider The Midnight Swim (11/3). Holiday faves like Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (11/1) are here to get you in the holiday mood.

Nicolas Cage stars in The Runner (11/5) as a politician disgraced by a sex scandal. On the subject of philandering, A Perfect Man (11/28) is about an unfaithful husband falling for his wife again when she pretends to be someone else on the phone. And see Geoffrey Rush in the thriller The Best Offer (11/28) about an heiress seducing the director of an auction house and stealing all his paintings. For some musical goodness, there’s Amapola (11/5) set during the 1982 war for the Falkland Islands.

For the kids, there’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (11/1), Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines (11/1) and if you want to see Rihanna’s cartoon-voicing effort, check out Home (11/25).

TV Shows Coming to Netflix in November


Ah, TV marathons. Check out a new teenage comedy show with a self-explanatory title Worst Year of My Life, Again: Season 1 (11/1) which sounds like a combo of Groundhog and cult classic Freaks and Geeks.

Young & Hungry: Season 2 (11/13) about food blogger hired as a personal chef for a young tech tycoon is a show for the foodies and lovers.

Another new show to check out is Christela (11/16), a Mexican-American law student living the American dream. Canadian sci-fi thriller Continuum (11/15) returns with season four as does Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 3 (11/23), Gringolandia: Season 3 (11/25), and Liv and Maddie: Season 2 (11/23). 

What will you be adding to your Netflix queue in November? Let us know in the comments.