Buses, trains, ferries and planes — oh my! Getting around on a work trip or solo vacation often involves a mix of transportation options… and a fair amount of travel mistakes too — especially when visiting a brand new place. Are cabs the best option? Will the bus still be running when a late night flight lands? How does each choice affect the cost of the travel? Fortunately, we just found an awesome new site called Faretrotter, which helps you plan your entire trip by pricing out ALL available transportation fares. So pack your bags and get ready to plot your next adventure without unnecessary stress and spending!


Faretrotter uses heaps of travel data gathered from around the interwebs and streamlines it for you, so you can spend more time wanderlusting and LESS time searching a ton of different sites by travel type. Forget worrying about how everything lines up — your live search results on Faretrotter are all merged into a single feed that gives you powerful, real-time travel info, helping you make the smartest selections from start to finish.

The Easiest Way to Book Your Travel

All you need to do to use the site is type in the city, neighborhood OR point of interest where you’ll start your trip, and tell Faretrotter where you want to go. Transportation options include flights (and no, you don’t need to know your airport codes!), trains, shuttles, taxis, ferries, buses and even ride sharing options. Once you see what’s available, you can book your tickets or click over to each company’s site to learn more.


It’s actually that simple, so go ahead and book that flight, plane, boat and train — all at once. Hasta luego!

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