That’s right. It’s already time to start thinking about New Year’s fashion! We’ve got every color under the sun covered in terms of party decor, and now it’s time to play up those classic silvers and golds in the style department. Here are 3 simple ways to make sparkly headbands, perfect for New Year’s Eve.

 – elastic headbands (like giant elastics)

– glitter paper

– metallic leather

– confetti stars

– hot glue gun + hot glue

These headbands are perfect for a little improv! You can find them at any drug store and, of course, on Amazon. For accoutrements, we’ll be using glitter paper, leather, and confetti!

For the star headband, we used a star template (printable here) to draw our stars.

Cut them out and use hot glue to attach to your headband. To keep the headband stretched out, we put ours on a vase. You could use something similar, a mixing bowl, a bike helmet, or even a spaghetti squash. We were inspired by this pin on Pinterest when we created this look.

Next up, leather feathers! We also used a template for this (printable here).

Trace feathers on the backside of the leather and cut. Use scissors to cut small slits and “feather” things up a little bit more. As with the stars, simply use hot glue to attach and you’re done.

Lastly, confetti! The how-to for this is the same!

Hot glue. Boom. New Year’s Even glamorousness.

Tuck your hair in the back of the band to create a 20s-inspired bob! So cute.

What are your New Year’s style tricks? Talk to us in the comments below!