Earlier this week we showed you a dozen examples of convertible furniture, perfect for a small apartment, home, or office. But what about your closet? If you’ve got a teeny tiny closet and an even smaller dresser, you could probably use a few pieces that do more than one thing.

Here at Brit HQ, we’ve turned cardigans into skirts, tube tops, and scarves, turned maxi dresses into halter dresses, skirts, and shirts, and even turned a long sleeve shirt into a high waisted skirt. But there are a whole bunch of clothing items on the market that are actually made for versatility, convertibility, and champion the 15-in-1 approach. Here are 12 such items!

1. Circle Scarf ($28): Oh, the circle scarf. It’s basically the most versatile item you never knew you needed. We picked a hot pink one up for a our recent 5 Items, 10 Ways post and can’t get enough of it. You can turn this scarf into a skirt, a halter dress, a tube top, a jacket, and and more. Love it.

2. Versalette ($80): One of our earliest convertible clothing crushes, the Versalette is a garment that can turn into 15 totally different things. Use it as a bag, a skirt, a scarf, and everything in between. They are currently sold out but will hopefully resume production in the near future – we’ll be sure to let you know.

3. Cotton Spandex Bandeau Dress ($43): An American Apparel staple, this dress is a summer must. We love all the bright hues that it comes in and, for some reason, it kind of makes us feel like roller skating.

4. Riding Hood Convertible Tee: Another one on the “unavailable for now” list, this Free People hooded tee is pretty amazing. Wear it as a racerback hoodie, a form-fitting blouse, or a one-shoulder tee. So cool.

5. Magicsuit Multi-Way One-Piece ($170+): Too soon to start thinking about swimwear? Never! This piece lets you wrap yourself up however you like, you can add sleeves if you want to wear it as a top, wear it as a short tunic to the beach, or rock it as a regular old one-piece.

6. Butter Wrap Pantsuit ($313): We’re mostly into this model’s dance moves, but you’ve gotta give Butter by Nadia some serious cred for making bridesmaids everywhere happier. This pantsuit is a more offbeat take on their signature wrap gown, and would definitely make for a great nontraditional formal option.

7. Le Sac Dress ($38): It’s kind of like a potato sack, but with strategically placed ties and just the right amount of coverage. As always with American Apparel, this one is available in just about every color.

8. Butter Jersey Wrap Dress ($252): Back to Butter! You’ve probably seen or worn something similar to this dress, and we can’t get enough of it.

9. Twobirds Long Convertible Dress ($342): A longer take on the jersey wrap dress, this beautiful frock by Twobirds is good for just about any occasion. Dress it up with jewels or dress it down with a layers and flip flops.

10. Convertible Trench ($595): Gah, this one is sold out too! It turns out people really love their convertible clothing. This one works as a trench, bolero-inspired blazer, and a sleeveless dress. Love it.

11. Tank Dress ($395): How gorgeous is this tank dress? We love the silhouette of both the dress and shirt option.

12. Ruched Tea Length Convertible Dress ($298): And last, another 15 in 1! This silvery take on the wrap dress involves a rushed waist and drapes for days.

What’s the coolest piece of convertible clothing you’ve seen, worn, or made? Tell us in the comments below.